Monday, October 18, 2010

what we did this weekend...

Welcome Monday blues! I hate you! I'm sure you all do too. Mondays have pretty much become the bane of my existence, but I'm kind of happy this weekend is over. The only saving grace for this weekend seemed to be seeing Benji & Joel at their in-store Macy's performance. I love this band and have since I was 13. I consider myself a loyal fan. But after being dumped earlier that Saturday morning, the last thing I wanted to do was leave my house. However, I got up and made myself up the best I could and ventured to the Roseville Galleria with my sister.

The boys arrived 10 minutes early to perform and it was great! They were extremely warm and humble. They even did a bit of stand-up comedy :) I felt a little uncomfortable when they asked "is anyone going through a breakup here?" before singing "Dance floor anthem". Kenya couldn't stop laughing at me as I shrunk in the audience. My day got even better when I got to talk to the boys after. Benji complimented my hair :) and both of them told us we looked nice. They also remembered us from past shows which is pretty damn cool if you ask me. We laughed about Benji's bad hearing. He thought I said I named my sister after my dog, when in fact I said doll! It took him a few minutes to ask me what I said. It was hilarious. Anyway here's some pictures and video for you guys to enjoy. I know some of the GC fam wants to see. Here you go!

"Mad Picks" goodies

There's another video that spans about 4 minutes long but I guess it was too much to upload.
Hopefully it'll let me upload it later. Pictures with the twins should be up soon too. I also got some pretty cool wardrobe pieces from their clothing line which I will also post.
p.s. Good Charlotte's new album, "Cardiology" will be out November 2nd. You can preview it on iTunes right now!

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