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Forever Young


Illustration by Al Brule, 1962
The more and more life reveals itself and I feel myself drifting further away from what was my usual, the more I want to pack my stuff and leave. Exploring the world sounds more appetizing with each day. For so long I've sacrificed my potential for my much as I love them, they've been my anchor. I hope I get to explore the world and my personal freedom soon.

My dearest Dorothy,
Just as Diahann Carroll once said, you should have been the most successful movie star in the whole world, but you were a black woman at the wrong time. You even said that if you were white, you could capture the world. It’s so disheartening to me that you weren’t fully appreciated during your lifetime simply because of the color of your skin, but I pray that your effervescent soul is resting at peace knowing that your legacy continues to live on through the ground breaking path that you paved. (Taken with Instagram)


“The Nude Look”  model is wearing Cole of California swimsuit, in Playboy 1965

Monday, September 10, 2012

Disney Love

...cuz it's true



Batman "The death of a family"


Batman #13 cover
The Joker has been plotting and scheming for one whole year in the comic world and we all get to find out what he ha in store for Gotham in October in issue #13.
To say that I am over the moon doesn't explain my excitement!
The definitive villain is back with a new face ( he cut the skin off of his face and nailed it to a cell wall in Arkham Asylum before escaping) and new evil motive.
Word on the block is that this will be a Joker story to rival its predecessors.
October please hurry!!

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