Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great Day To Get Lost

Sitting in mt freezing cold house just staring at the sun outside made me want to just burst. So I decided to get up and take a trip (not too far from home) and look at the beautiful nature. In the process of dong that, I became so lost! But in all honesty I could have cared less at that moment. The day was beautiful, I had good tunes, and enough gas to get me back home. This day just got me ready for the warm weather.

Great Songs For A Road Trip

Shwayze: Corona And Lime

Incubus: Stellar

Sublime: What I Got

Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Dani California

Lit: Ziplock

Today wasn't only a good day to literally get lost but it was a good day to get lost in myself, have time by myself to think over my thoughts and just think about life in general and I think we should all do that that sometimes. It definitely made me feel refreshed.


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