Thursday, October 22, 2009


Say what you want about the girl but she can put on a show like no other! Everything is on point. Ciara could be number one chick right now and above Rihanna if her songs were chosen more carefully. Her albums usually only have 2 or 3 excellent singles on them (Promise is one of my faves). you don't need to sing like Whitney but some songs work better for certain voices, look at Aaliyah. Anyway check out her showstoppin' performance at Timberlake's benefit show!


Violence shouldn't be condoned for either sex. I was amazed by this episode. I don't see how any man can sit through this. My boyfriend would do I don't know what! People can only take so much, especially men. Really interesting video. Take a look.

T-BOZ on Mo'nique's show

This interview is hilarious. I love TLC more than I can describe. They have influenced me as young woman in so many ways. Them, Madonna and Janet have musically changed me. But TLC made me proud to be me. I can't wait to see her and Chili on tour. I'm going! Anyway poor Arista. TLC was down about they're business and getting that money! Left Eye is a fool!!!


I'm in love with Kim Kardashian's cover for KURV mag. I wish there would've been a bigger spread on the inside.

RIRI caught swagga jackin' AGAIN!!!

So... this picture of Rihanna is her presumed album cover. It leaked on Rihanna Daily a few days ago. I was fishing around and found that this cover is almost exactly similar to Eva Simons earlier promo shots from this year. the two are almost dead on! They can pass for family. I'm starting to second guess Rihanna's originality...step it up! Don't let everyone do it for you!

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KID SISTER singer of hit (pro nails) is finally releasing her debut album Nov 17th. She halted production when it was orginally dated for a Sept. 2008 release. Pretty ballsy move but I'm positive she knows what she's doing. Can't wait to hear it! How amazing are those nails? They are so barbie hood.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Finally we have a single that has been released for Rihanna's upcoming album "Rated R". The single is titled Russian Roulette and from the sound of it, it's pretty edgy. I'm already hearing a bit of controversy over it. Some are saying it's about suicide and some say it's about an abusive relationship. My thoughts? I think the song is about abuse. I don't think she's killing herself in the song because she says she must pass this test. I guess we'll just wait till the video. anyway, check it:


Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm totally excited for this issue! From what I'm hearing it's very lengthy and Madonna talks about everything from old songs that she is annoyed with ("Into the Groove") and how she sees herself in Lady Gaga.

"Madge on her divorce to Guy Ritchie: “It was a challenging year… I may have thrown myself off a building. I think work saved me, and I’m very grateful [for that].”
Madonna on Guy Ritchie’s joint custody of Rocco and David: “Life is an adjustment. My sons aren’t with me right now, they’re with their father, and I’m not very comfortable with the idea of my children not living together.”
On her “Benetton ad” family: “My like house is like a Benetton ad. I have French nannies, my security guards are Israeli, I have assistants from Argentina and Puerto Rico as well as a Japanese assistant and chef, and another chef from Italy. It’s wonderful. I love it.”
On son David Banda (who Madge adopted in 2006 from Malawi): “David is my biggest fan. Everybody says that when he watches [my concerts,] he stays frozen from beginning to end, and he studies everything, and he knows every dance step.”
On Justin Timberlake: “He’s sort of Cary Grant.”
On Eminem: “I wanted to work with him… But he didn’t want to work with me. Maybe he’s shy.”
On her nude (and hairy) photos showing up in Playboy and Penthouse: “That was the first time I was aware of saying ‘F- you’ with my attitude. You’re trying to put me down because of this? I [wasn't] going to let public opinion dictate my own feelings about myself. I [wasn't] going to apologize for anything I’ve done.”
She was never really a bad girl: “I didn’t really have my first drink until I got divorced the first time - from Sean Penn - when I was 30. I was kind of a geek in high school. ‘Geek’ is not a word anyone uses to describe me, except perhaps [Confessions on a Dance Floor producer] Stuart Price, who once said, ‘You know, you’re a nerd at heart, nobody knows it.’ I took it as a compliment.”
On her first “provocative” performance in high school: “I had my girlfriends paint my body with fluorescent hearts and flowers. I wore a pair of shorts and a midriff top, and I just went mad. … I’m sure everyone thought I was insane. That was the beginning of my provocative performances, I guess.”
On reinvention: “I think people put a lot of emphasis on the whole reinvention of my image, and it’s always been a lot less calculated than people think. I think it’s boring to stay the same. A girl likes to change her look.”
Worst fashion moment: “It was the purple lipstick, fluorescent-green sweater combo. … It’s OK, it was the Eighties. It was a bad-hairstyle era. Let’s face it.”
On Paul McCartney’s “boring” live performances: “People have told me, ‘You could just go out there and play guitar and sing your songs like Paul McCartney,’ but I’d be too bored. Most of the joy of the shows is the magic of creating them — theater. I’m a perfectionist. I like hard work. I like to sweat.”


WHO IS LOLA? This is the new campaign for J. Lo's next album. I smell a bit of swagga jacking from Beyonce and her Sasha Fierce era, but oh well. Let's see what's so hot about Ms. Lola. For one these heels she's rocking in this promo pic are HOT! J. Lo always has a mean shoe game *snaps*

the track sounds sick minus pit bull. I could've done without him. Where can you find those pyramid bracelets?! cute cute cute


I personally was not waiting for this album. You would never here the words "when is Rihanna's next album coming out?" from me. However I am curious to see what music and marketing ideas she will come up with after months of scandal and sidewalk fashion shows. I'm sure it'll be a mix of fun pop/R&B that'll be shoved down our ears until we love it and guess what? It'll be number one! Hoping this one will have some depth but...I doubt that. I'm over this whole edgy image only being for image purposes. I think rebelliousness should be authentic!

Rihanna filiming a video? photo shoot?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's ya girl BEY!

Mrs. Sean Carter was recently given the award of Billboard's Woman of the Year. What a huge title and accomplishment! I have to agree she deserves it. Watch the interview for stories behind "Single Ladies", Bey's family, and the Kanye West outburst!


After spending this past weekend with one of my dance colleagues, Beau Fournier (at World of Dance, San was CRAZY!) and also formally meeting Glenda Morales I decided to post some of their videos for you all to see up here. Both videos come from Carnival at the Key Club in LA. The first is them performing "Black and Gold" by Sam Sparro
Check it:

and second is Beau's project exhibit of his choreography. I love his fake mustache...nice touch! From what I was told the theme of this piece is a group of people who steal and collect girls. VERY freaky!
Check it:

Thursday, October 1, 2009


  I found this video on one of my favorite blogs It's almost exhausting to watch because racism and bias is disgusting but at the same time it's interesting and hopeful. It's good to know that while we still have a ways to go we have come further than expected. I almost cried when some of the bystanders intervened because this situation has happened to me before. Thank god that it hasn't happened a lot.


Can someone in the bay PLEASE bring Luam down here for a workshop? She is so sick and I watch her videos daily. Her stuff is more my style and I love how it's so beast but simple. Not that it's easy but your swag has to bleed a little more. Alot of choreographers have been flooding their pieces with moves to make it more complex but it just looks off. Anyway here are a few of my faves:

TRINA & LADY GAGA: "Let them Hos fight"

I like Lady Gaga a lil' bit. but I'm not crazy about her. However this hot track is slammin'! I could see someone killin' choreo to this. Can't wait for the full track!

MAC: Style Black and Dsquared collections

 I've been hearing a lot of my teammates (who work at MAC) talk about the Style Black line...

"From “Back to Black” beehive and eyeliner to Steven “80s” Sprouse-in-the-House kohl and fringe to Gareth Pugh London New Goth, Black is simply beyond. Lips, nails, eyes there’s no more dramatic way to declare your desire, separate your sensibility, celebrate your magnetism. They WILL surrender to a Blackfire Glimmerglass, Rapidblack Penultimate Eyeliner, a slash of Greasepaint Stick, and the hot scratch of Baby Goth Girl Nail Lacquer. Style Black is a way of life, a shadowy and mysterious figure of fantasy, even for just one dark and dangerous night."

...and also a great collection with Dsquared!

Lily Allen for Coco Cocoon Chanel

Lily Allen is one of my favorite artist! And Chanel is classic. Here she is as the new face of Chanel :

 She looks beautiful and very Hepburn-esque. The bag is hot. Uncle Karl also had some nice words for Lily:
“ I love Lily Allen. She looks a lot like Gabrielle Chanel and she is a self-made woman. She is cool, young and extremely witty. Photographing her for this advertising campaign was fantastic fun. She is extremely inspiring and is completely taken with the bags-with her typical English casualness!”
 I wonder what Perez Hilton has to say about this.
Go to for more


Now I know Megan gets alot of flak and pegged as a bad girl. But this behind the scenes footage made me think otherwise. She's right, her image is something the tabloids conjured. I don't think girls with dark hair and tattoos are bad. That would make me one and  guess what? I'm such a homebody goody goody. It could be her opinionated ways though.I love the grungy/glam/priss look on her, and her eyebrows always look amazing! Anyway check out the video:

Nylon is never disappointing...I promise
Here are some more fab shots from the shoot!

LOVE that Marilyn tattoo!

ON THAT NEW NEW: Doc Martens x Jean Paul Gaultier

The shoe of the punk and new jack swing era is making a comeback...see I told ya.

image via Vogue

ON THAT NEW NEW: are leggings officially back?

Okay, okay I know it's fall but leggings seem to work through any season. They provide both fashion and comfort at the same time. Some of my favorite leggings for winter are by BCBG Max Azria. They are made out of wool and cashmere. I loved them so much I purchased them in every color. Here are some of my other faves:                                                HELLZ BELLZ

 Brian Lichtenburg: exclusive to
Dimepiece Designs

Costume Dept.

Your favorite weapon

No it's not a gun! it's pepper spray! How hot is this! You can mean business and still look cute while doing it. I hate guns and weapons but I also hate walking to my night classes in the dark. This will definitely come in handy to ward off some creeps. Hit to see more.

GOOD HAIR contd: Nia Long on "Chelsea Lately"

Preach it Nia! I love you! Here's another side and perspective. Chelsea is hilarious.
Once again... the planning your hair around activities is inevitable. :)

GOOD HAIR & BAD HAIR: The everlasting drama of hair amongst black women.

The hoopla and bondage that comes with black hair is excessive. I for one am excited for Chris Rock's documentary "Good Hair". It's an intelligent and hilarious take on African-Americans and the term "good hair". Every black girl has gone through and I bet you are still battling it. Walking around with our natural mane is unacceptable by other races and even amongst our own. This takes a toll on a black woman's esteem and our perception of beauty. I often feel pressured as well. My hair was never permed (thanks to my mother) but I remember being young and getting my hair done at shops. I would cry from the process and the ridicule they would push on me. "Don't come back here until you get a perm!" they'd say. What? I was only seven, what did I know about perms? I often complained about not having one after that, I just wanted straight hair. In my teens however I wore braids all through high school. I was afraid of my hair being without them. Never did I want anyone to see it's natural state, NEVER! It wasn't until two years ago that I said eff-it. Even though I do get flack from older black women and whomever else I am proud of how far I have come. I KNOW that I don't NEED fake hair or straight hair to be pretty. As a matter of fact I feel best when it isn't. It fits my personality better and I actually get a lot more compliments on it. How ironic, little Tia would never have foreseen that.
   Anyway check out Chris Rock and Solange Knowles' appearance on Oprah, they are speaking the truth!
    I totally can not stand the planning your day around your hair. I still do it. Would I shave my hair off? No, I don't think that I have the head for it! lol

    I'm glad Oprah did this. Someone needed to pick up the pieces from Tyra because she makes me feel like a chicken head. The girl seriously went on  Larry King and said "do you wanna feel my scalp?" Girl we believe that it's your real hair! ok? Can't you just have an educated discussion about the empowerment of natural hair? Dang!

SNAPS!: Flawless yet again

RiRi looks amazing...AGAIN! I'm diggin the dress and the lipstick. Apparently she is too. She's been rockin' it alot more.