Saturday, April 23, 2011

Artist Of The Week: Lupe Fiasco

Great song. I personally would have gone in a different direction for the video but that doesn't change how uplifting and inspirational the song is.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Beautiful song with a beautiful message...and I'm not mad at Chad Michael Murray for channeling James Dean in the first 2 minutes of the video.
Luam's choreography to Alicia Keys' "Unthinkable"
the physical translation of this song gives me chills!
I'd love to take class from her one day.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

SNAPSHOTS: Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh

Tony Curtis proposed to Janet Leigh over the telephone. In spite of studio pressure to not marry, Tony (26) and Janet (23) eloped and were married on June 4, 1951 in Greenwich, Connecticut. Jerry Lewis was best man and his wife was matron of honor. The ceremony was performed by a judge. Janet wore a short sleeved knee-length dress and a stylish hat. Their wedding night dinner was at Danny’s Hideaway in New York City. They had a party the next day to celebrate their marriage.

Hands down, one of my favorite dresses Marilyn wore in her films.
The dress was created by her personal designer and close friend William Travilla.
How sick would it be to own this?!
The next best thing would be to have a replica made, but I'm sure nothing comes close to the authentic Travilla dress.


People who are often interested in vintage culture (1940s-1950s) always ask us to recommend great films from that era to them. They know the basic stars like Marilyn, Dean and Hepburn but want to gain some variety in their film collection. This is hard for us to shoot to anyone in 5 minutes. We love this era so much that we could spend years studying it and living it. Because of the overloading requests for film analysis and recommendations we decided that we now will do golden era film reviews. How frequent? We have no idea, we'll try it out and see where it goes. This era was overflowing with gorgeous and uncanny talent. Many don't appreciate the beauty of these films because they are old, black & white etc. Expand your horizons! The simple fact that technology wasn't advanced during this era makes me bow down in awe! For what they lacked in aesthetic capability ( special effects) they made up for in bravado, script, talent and casting. Here we go rambling...
On this week's Marquee:

My WEEKEND: Dance, Dance, Dance

This weekend I performed with my beloved team VIP for our studio's 8th annual Collaboration showcase.
It was the longest day I've had in awhile..10-12hours *cough cough*. But I'm so happy that I can say I dance with these people. Throughout any topsy turvy time in my life I can always count on going to the studio to blow off steam and exchange laughs. I'd guess that 70% of the laughter in my day occurs with them.
My Kardashian sistas: Kayci, Jemma and I
                                       WE NEED HER to DROP HER NEW MUSIC PRONTO!
One thing about Beyonce...she ALWAYS delivers.


After searching for what seems like a lifetime, I finally found the elusive Forever 21 floral Mary Janes!
Not only did I find them, but they were on sale for the retail price found in stores. These platforms have been a fashionista favorite and are difficult to catch on shelves. I looked everywhere for these 90s -esque heels but was unsuccessful. Sellers were charging 50-100 bucks on eBay. Are these truly worth double or triple their retail cost...NO, but boy are they gorgeous and fun. Finally I turned my attention toward like I always do on a pay day. Long story short, I lost my damn mind.

I found both the floral and polka dot Mary Janes for 20 a pop! Many of my heels happen to be open toe and due to the weather, I sincerely dislike this fact. I'm never in the mood to wear heels because they aren't cold weather friendly. The rain already makes me want to be a hermit and stay in a nasty routine of wearing a hoodie, boot cut jeans and combat boots. These Mary Janes inspire me to venture a little bit. I can't wait to show them off on sunny spring days.
These wedged, bondage like heels are by Jessica Simpson. While strolling in the mall last winter I spied them, but to my disappointment they were out of my size. I tried my luck with Amazon and was again surprised to  find these selling for $60! These weren't an option, I had to have them.
BLACK, LEATHER, SEXY, HIGH...all you need in a heel.
Steve Madden always has account busting sales at the end of seasons. Most of my Steve Madden shoes are purchased during his season end sales. I must be honest, I love black. It's my favorite color and I cannot stray away from it, especially when it comes to shoes. Boots have to be my absolute favorite kind of shoe. You can slip them on and automatically your outfit is transformed for the better. I love the fringe on the toe. Anything that resembles a combat boot on heels is a win for me.

Check out Amazon for deals on any kind of item. Never pay for something that seems over-priced before searching elsewhere. I guarantee a bargain can be found!