Sunday, April 3, 2011

SNAPSHOTS: Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh

Tony Curtis proposed to Janet Leigh over the telephone. In spite of studio pressure to not marry, Tony (26) and Janet (23) eloped and were married on June 4, 1951 in Greenwich, Connecticut. Jerry Lewis was best man and his wife was matron of honor. The ceremony was performed by a judge. Janet wore a short sleeved knee-length dress and a stylish hat. Their wedding night dinner was at Danny’s Hideaway in New York City. They had a party the next day to celebrate their marriage.

"Tony and I had a wonderful time together; it was an exciting, glamorous period in Hollywood.  A lot of great things happened, most of all, two beautiful children."
—Janet Leigh on her marriage to Tony Curtis

 "At one point I was introduced to a devastatingly handsome young man — beautiful, really — with black unruly hair, large sensitive eyes fringed by long dark lashes, a full sensuous mouth — and an irresistible personality. His name was Tony Curtis."
—Janet Leigh

"For a while, we were Hollywood's golden couple. I was very dedicated and devoted to Janet. I was on top of my trade, but in her eyes that goldenness had started to wear off. I realized that whatever I was, I wasn't enough for Janet. That hurt me a lot and broke my heart."
- Tony Curtis
Men...always teasing!

My absolute favorite photo of the two

 *sigh* Wasn't Tony Curtis a damn hot dreamboat?!
I was born in the wrong era.
*images and quotes via Tony Curtis tumblr

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  1. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful couple, impossible not to be fascinated by them! pm