Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bullets and Studs.

So I'd like to introduce you guys to my two new obsessions. Leather
jackets with studs and bullet belts. I've been digging the leather jackets for awhile, but the belts are super new. I have no idea why but they are just too cute to me.I'd rock these any day of the week, the leather jacket adds the perfect edge to any outfit, and the belt is just to awesome.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Image via Bryan Greenberg Fan
      If any of you have ever had a crush on the guy next door, he was probably something like this. Well, at least for me. There's something very appealing about Bryan Greenberg. The first time I laid eyes on him was in "Bride Wars" which stars Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. From that moment on I couldn't help myself, I was hooked. Since then I've most of his films and also watch "How to make it in America" on HBO. You can't help but fall in love with him. He has a vulnerable quality about him but his characters make you feel familiar with him. It's a bit hard to explain but he's kind of like your neighbor who left for college two years ago. When he comes back for Summer, it's like he never left. His ability to make his audience that comfortable and familiar has made me fall in love. I don't know about you but the "boy next door" type has always been my kind of guy. Everytime he appears on the screen a smile crosses my face and that's the point of an effective actor, they make you feel.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What a week.

So I've been on this rapper hype all week, and its so strange to me because I just don't normally listen to this genre of music. I just had to tell you guys about this gnarly rapper I started listening to, (and I know Tia's going to laugh when she reads this) Chris Webby.
He's pretty decent, and pretty cute. I just started listening to him about 4 days ago and I already have 50 of his songs on my iPod and I love every single one of them. He's still not signed but he needs to be. If you guys remember my last post about Sam Adams and Asher Roth, all I have to say is that Chris Webby walks all over Sam Adams. I don't want to compare him to Asher Roth because I like them both and they have different flows and different types of beats. He's been rapping since he was in elementary school, and that's probably why he's so sick. I thought I'd just put on one of my favorite songs that he's made.I hope you guys like it!

                                                                                                                            - Kenya

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fefe Dobson "Ghost"

In lieu of my recent breakup I've found myself listening to single anthems.
I certainly thought I'd never be here again, but hey, that's life.
My favorite for the week would have to be by Ms. Fefe Dobson. "Ghost" is a single released off her upcoming album, "Joy". If you don't know about Fefe Dobson get familiar. She is a force to be reckoned with and depsite being in the game from her teen years till now she's just getting started. She's an amazing talent and in my eyes should be given a little more credit.
Check it out!

My conspiracy obsession:the death of Marilyn Monroe

If you personally know me, you'd know I'm intrigued by the Golden era of Hollywood.
I also collect coffee table books based on the era. I have many on Frank Sinatra, James Dean, Some like it hot etc. The biggest part of my collection is Marilyn. Marilyn is hands down one of the most celebrated women of our time. For this reason my collection is chock full of Marilyn items. I believe every fan has their different reasons for admiring her. Some think she is gorgeous, some love her movies, some love her personal story. For me it's all those things and more. After reading about her and watching her line of work it ultimately is her vulnerability, drive and wit that has kept me interested. I truly believe Marilyn Monroe was a character and Norma Jeane was separate. Monroe was an act that she could turn on and off. People don't realize that but that is what makes this woman a genius. She was no idiot. It is us who believe she was who are. Though she may have been too weak to continue to tredge through life's low valleys, she was full of courage and resilience. Marilyn had the tenacity to want to continually better herself and succeed despite the cards that were dealt to her. If you know about her childhood then this is proof. 
There is also one more quality about the Monroe saga I can't get over, her death.
Unlike many I do not believe she died of a suicide drug overdose. It is to my belief that she was killed. Call me crazy, but I just do. Only thing is I don't have a clear vision as to who did it. There are many cover-ups that point to different culprits and reasonings. Most of them are traced back to the Kennedys. For years I believed that she did kill herself and didn't understand how she could. I know Marilyn had attempted it numerous times but she always ensured that she was found. Her attempts were always more a cry for attention. Last year I got to do a speech on Marilyn's death. This speech enabled me to research her death as much as I could through books and articles. What I found was astounding! There are far too many details to spill in this tiny blog. Just to be real, I could go on forever. One of the newest facts I've stumbled upon was a quote from her house keeper, Eunice Murray. After years of interviews Eunice constantly changed facts in her story. She slipped up in one instance saying that Marilyn wasn't dead when the ambulance arrived. Murray claimed she left the scene for awhile and when she came back Marilyn was dead in her bed, posed differently.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What to write about in my first blog!?

Asher Roth                                         Sam Adams
Hello Bloggers! This is Kenya and I'm pretty juiced because this is my FIRST blog post. So I've been thinking long and hard about what I would talk about, I went from stupid you-tube videos, to talking about one of my teachers, but both of those ideas are pretty lame. So then I finally came across this rapper, Sam Adams, who's suppose to be up and coming. I'm really picky about the rap music that I choose to listen to, but once I listened to his songs I found that he has some good ones, and some that aren't really my taste but he's grown on me. The more I did research about him I kept seeing that people were comparing him to Asher Roth a lot. Personally, I think they have two completely different styles. Sam Adams' beats have more of an electro-pop feel to them and in my opinion Asher Roth's beats are more classic. Asher Roth songs are the type of songs you can listen to years later and it won't seem out dated. I hope this techno, electro-pop fad for music goes away soon, it's just ridiculous to me. I think they both are talented and can rap but I have to say I like Asher Roth better.
                                                                                                                   - Kenya

Monday, October 18, 2010

what we did this weekend...

Welcome Monday blues! I hate you! I'm sure you all do too. Mondays have pretty much become the bane of my existence, but I'm kind of happy this weekend is over. The only saving grace for this weekend seemed to be seeing Benji & Joel at their in-store Macy's performance. I love this band and have since I was 13. I consider myself a loyal fan. But after being dumped earlier that Saturday morning, the last thing I wanted to do was leave my house. However, I got up and made myself up the best I could and ventured to the Roseville Galleria with my sister.

Halloween, what shall I do?

I've been contemplating what the heck I'm going to be for halloween this year.
I don't normally get excited over it, but for some reason I am this year. It could be the fact that I have an overwhelming amount of duties on my plate. Or maybe I just want to get away from all this stress. Whatever the reason may be, I want to be something but I haven't decided. Something inside me wants to be Lil' Wednesday but another piece of me wants to be a T-Bird. The main reason being that I got this awesome jacket  from a vintage shop while visiting LA in August.

  I want to use it for Halloween but don't know where to start. I have a few ideas, but we'll see.
What do you guys plan on being?


HOT ITEM: Motel Rocks dress

I won this dress from an online competition from the lovely Jasmin Rodriguez.
If you don't know Jasmin, get familiar. Her website, vintage vandalizm is a must see. I visit it twice a day sometimes. She's a lovely person who inspires and is bursting with originality and creative thought. This dress is by the clothing line Motel Rocks. They have a great selection of vintage styled dresses as well as modern day clothing. I adore this dress, it fits wonderfully and is perfect for summer. Wish we weren't saying goodbye to summer, I'd still be wearing it!
                          For amazing looks at fashion visit Jasmin's blog and also stop by Motel Rocks!

Perez Hilton: The bully of all media

  In the days of blogs and celebrity obsession, Perez Hilton has sure capitalized on both. While some may say that is a problem, it isn't the particular dilemma I plan to address. Perez has shot to stardom because of his ability to bully and tease people. Not just people, but celebrities. Ok, ok, I know that these people planned on being in the limelight and it comes with the territory; but not like this. I have never seen a person speak differently or so admiringly about the very crowd of victims he breaks down on a daily basis. This goes far beyond the phallic symbols painted on their chins or the devil horns drawn on their heads. No, this has to do with words. It's not as simple as sticks and stones. Words hurt, sometimes more than fists. The sting of the reasoning or meaning behind words is something that can travel with someone forever. It is essentially pollution. If Perez were a Professor of verbal heckling he'd be the Dean of the University and author of all the textbooks. What really peeves me is his blind hypocrisy. Perez himself is a homosexual yet he repeatedly uses harmful language like "Fag" ( which he called Will. i. am. during an interrogation) and brands some actors and models for having "gayface" (whatever the heck that is). He also sees no harm in "outing" some closet celebrities. For this reason his website and his behavior exhibit traits of a gay with hunt. I remember his early rants about Clay Aiken and the more recent bullying of Ricky Martin. He was also the one of the reasons Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris have announced their orientations. He claims that dragging people out of the closet screaming is one leap forward for gay rights. What?! Are you kidding me? I do believe it is ok to discuss OPEN hollywood gay couples just like others do heterosexuals; but the line is drawn for closet couples.Out of respect and privacy this should be honored. I do understand Perez doesn't live by this code.  For someone who is gay himself he sure lacks genuine empathy for gay hollywood. He does however empathize with numerous gay teens who have commited suicide due to bullying. His website contains regular posts stating "it gets better" testimonies from various celebrities. Here's where I'm confused...Perez is a bully himself. Right? But then he turns right around and plays activist/ motivational speaker. He's playing both sides of the pot and his fake optimism isn't believable when I'm sure he has been the source/bully of many celebrity's agony.

   With this said, Perez has posted a recent video stating that he realizes that many people think this of him and he is tired of defending his work because he isn't "that person". Perez stated that he won't be completely nice if he doesn't like someone but he definitely won't be the problem anymore. One can only hope this is true. I've never seen gossip writers/bloggers kick people when they're down like he does. Lindsay Lohan has been the laughing stock of his blog, even though her battle with substance abuse is no joke.He also has published books and in one chapter predicts the not so bright futures of celebrity spawn. Celebrity's children! You do not bring a 2 year old into your low world and tease that they will be heroin addicts like their mother. That is where you must draw the line and make the right decision for the sake of being ethical. So, here's hoping you keep your promise Perez. It's not about website traffic or controversy, it's about respect. It's about consideration and it's about decency. You may have been shot to fame because of your malicious tongue but what have you really contributed? What will you be remembered for? Good luck on your new positive path and thank you for realizing your faults.

Friday, October 15, 2010

OUR TOP "start to finish" ALBUMS.

We've all had those albums that have gotten us through the worst or just made us ridiculously happy. It takes more than 3 radio hits and a fillers to make an album, it takes talent and hard work. These albums are just a tiny amount of my favorites, but I chose them because they helped me at significant points in my life. When listening to these I never had to worry about pushing the 'next' button, the album could just play.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I LOVE this!

  I'm not an avid viewer of the many Kardashian clan shows but as with every network, reality TV is hard not to see. So occasionally I do tune in to their show. I understand reality Tv is the complete opposite of what its called because , let's face it, it's FAKE. But I do sometimes enjoy watching because their relationship is very similar to mine and my two sisters: chaotic, humorous, supportive, trusting, honest and sometimes embarrassing. I also adore Beyonce! This shot is cute and hilarious, just thought I'd share.

In the midst of academic insanity...

  Well, we're back! Yes, after a brief love affair with my blog I took a pretty long hiatus. At lot has happened, or shall I say distracted me from Twistedsisterz. I've been through alot of changes and plan to see this project evolve also. I have a better eye for the direction of this blog. Instead of trying to be like cutting edge fashion blogs or being a smart-ass political editorialist, I want to do it my way. My way is really the only way I know how to go about things. I've been in love with great films and the golden era of Hollywood since I first laid eyes on James Dean at age 10. It is only right that I feature a piece of this in this blog. I am of a different mold, plain and simple. I appreciate art, film, literature, fashion and music. I also want this to be a piece of me, close to my heart. The only way I can do that is by being authentic and posting what I feel fits my project. My sister is also added to the new mix, hence the name twistedsisterz. Kenya is amazingly creative and she's also an aspiring actress and my best friend. We share many of the same interests and dreams. So, with her on board I guarantee more posts and fresh insights. I promise this despite my 17 units of school during my senior semester. I know I am crazy for doing that! But rather than explain what twistedsisterz will or can be, I'd rather just do it. So all I can say is stay tuned, there is more.