Saturday, February 11, 2012

Girl Meets World

When it comes down to it, I have 3 favorite TV shows of all time. 3 shows I could never get tired of, and 3 shows that each have a character that I use as an archetype of a boy I’d fall in love with.

Those three shows are:

“That 70’s Show”
“The Office”
“Boy meets world”

But “Boy meets world” teaches me just as much as it did when I was a kid. I think a lot of people feel the same way, which is why the show remains relevant like other classic shows.

As usual, a lot came to mind while getting my nightly fix of “Boy meets world”.
The main engine of the show centers around Cory & Topanga’s relationship.

I’d say perfect relationships like that don’t exist, but the beauty of this show is that, Cory & Topanga are NOT PERFECT.
At one point within their long standing relationship, Cory began to question his feelings for Topanga. In one episode he meets a girl named Lauren while on a Senior snow trip. Lauren works at the Hotel Lodge the school is staying at. Cory sprains his foot while getting off the bus and is somewhat “handicapped” for the entire trip. This causes him to stay inside and get to know Lauren.

Cory felt feelings of like for Lauren immediately & it bothered him. He had trouble understanding how he could be in so in love with Topanga if he actually really liked another person. Out of blatant attraction and curiosity Cory kept seeing Lauren and eventually kissed her. Long story short, Topanga found out and decided to break up with Cory. She felt he needed time to explore relationships with other people if he doubted what they had at all.

So Cory did.

He took what Topanga said to heart, and dated Lauren.

They had a good time.

They had a good connection.

Now he was even more confused.

Topanga or Lauren?

Cory talks everything out with Shawn. He states his confusions and Shawn decides its time to settle this with a little exercise…

*Just watch until 1:30. The rest is a weird montage*
After he makes the distinction between like & love, the now & the can’t live without, he runs to tell Topanga. But what he doesn’t expect is for everything to have blown up. Topanga couldn’t find acceptance with the fact that Cory felt the way that he did. And even worse acted on it. She was hurt beyond words and told Cory she did not want to get back with him.
So the travesty began.
They were apart for awhile, which was probably the most miserable thing to watch. Topanga dated as well, liked someone a lot even, but nothing compared to Cory.

When she kissed this replacement boy she felt nothing and that was all she needed to bring her back to the love of her life.
Here’s where the wheels in my head began to connect my life to my favorite show.
Life gets sticky and relationships are hard. They are hard to keep on track for many reasons. Perhaps the most hurtful thing I’ve witnessed first hand is disillusionment. Disillusionment meaning you have somehow gotten to the point where what you know you have appears as something else in a negative way. And what’s worse is you feel that emotional detachment so you find someone else to fill that void. The problem is that there are plenty of people to LIKE in this world. Oh gah, there are plenty! But there are so few that you can LOVE. There are so few that you can’t live without and love on a daily basis no matter what. And when you are confused and wander down that road to find your place with a person that makes you whole you have received your answer. That is God’s way of telling you where or who to turn to. While it is complicated, it is also that simple.

When I was confused, that is how I found my answer.

But my answer remained confused.

So I repeatedly received chronically heart-crushing pains that told me to turn away and walk on a different road.
This post may seem random, it may seem as though it’s not going anywhere. But what I essentially realized is that people can walk two different roads and learn the same things unknowingly. There are some things you must absolutely be apart for, for these lessons to come. Life can be considered like a blueprint, nothing is written in permanent marker until you’ve completed it, that’s the past. Your future is drawn out in pencil and you have full capability to take that marker and draw it how you want. So sometimes you do go off course and get taken places that you’ve never pictured. Ultimately I do believe that if it is meant to be, it will happen. But I don’t believe it will happen without effort, without risk and bold gestures. Sometimes things fall into place and a reunion can happen more smoothly but even then, that choice to continue is a risk. Meeting new people is a risk as well, you have to invest and trust so much!

I’m not sure what is in store for me in the next chapter of my personal life. I’m afraid to ever witness anything like what I did last year again. But I learned a lot about myself and what is expected of me to be a better partner for someone I love. I also learned what to expect and accept from my partner.It’s all in how you see it. You can either use your energy well or negatively.
I choose to use mine well and learn what I have to. Sometimes acknowledging this makes the road shorter. After all, it happened to Cory & Topanga. Great couples don’t end up that way by magic, they end up that way because of trial & error, crash & burn.

Season One:

-Pilot - On The Fence - Father Knows Less - Cory’s Alternative Friends - Killer Bees - Boys II Mensa - Grandma Was a Rolling Stone - Teacher’s Bet - Class Pre-Union - Santa’s Little Helper - The Father/Son Game - Once In Love With Amy - She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not - The B- Team of Life - Model Family - Risky Business - The Fugitive - It’s a Wonderful Night - Kid Gloves - The Play’s the Thing - Boy Meets Girl - I Dream of Feeny

Season Two: 

Back 2 School - Pairing Off - Notorious - Me and Mr. Joad - The Uninvited - Who’s Afraid of Cory Wolf - Wake Up, Little Cory - Band on the Run - Fear Strikes Out - Sister Theresa - The Beard - Turnaround - Cyrano - I am Not a Crook - Breaking Up is Really, Really Hard to Do - Danger Boy - On the Air - By Hook or by Crook - Wrong Side of the Tracks - Pop Quiz - The Thrilla’ in Phila - Career Day - Home

Season Three:

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Season Four: 

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Season Five:  

Brothers - Boy Meets Real World - It’s Not You…It’s Me - Fraternity Row - The Witches of Pennbrook - No Guts, No Cory - I Love You, Donna Karen - Chasing Angela - How to Succeed in Business - Last Tango in Philly - A Very Topanga Christmas - Raging Cory - The Eskimo - Heartbreak Cory - First Girlfriends’ Club - Torn Between two Lovers - And Then There Was Shawn - If You Can’t Be with the One You Love - Eric Hollywood - Starry Night - Honesty Night - Prom-ises, Prom-ises - Things Change - Graduation

Season Six: 

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Season Seven: 

Show Me the Love - For Love and Apartments - Angela’s Men - No Such Thing as a Sure Thing - You Light Up My Union - They’re Killing Us - It’s About Time - The Honeymooners - The Honeymoon is Over - Pickett Fences - What a Drag - Family Trees - The Provider - I’m Gonna Be Like You, Dad - The War - Seven the Hard Way - She’s Having My Baby Back Ribs - How Cory and Topanga Got Their Groove Back - Brotherly Shove - As Time Goes By - Angela’s Ashes- Brave New World Part 1 & Part 2
And that my friends is what Cory Matthews, Topanga Lawrence and Mr. Feeney taught me tonight.
Don’t give up, don’t stop believing and continue to love.

Keep calm and watch Boy Meets World ;)

Peace & love,


images via boymeetsworldtumblr & allthingsboymeetsworldtumblr


  1. Tia!!! I'm freaking crying reading this!! You are such a smart, beautiful woman and I'm so happy to have you as a friend. I know you went through some hard times last year, but I'm proud of you for what you've done and for not compromising yourself.

  2. Thank you Alli! thanks for being so supportive!It's been a long road and what's even more scary is I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg. It's hard not to be jaded. But I refuse! Let's talk about how creative and talented of a friend you are! I've used some of your recipes! ;)