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Daytrippin': San Francisco Giants Fanfest 2012

Pretty much I waited an entire year to get my cheeks over to AT & T park for Fanfest 2012. I came, I saw and I conquered all from 10am-3pm. I brought my kid sister and co-blogger, Kenya along for Giants mania.

Before I go any further, I have to thank her for trudging along and running rampant over the park for my Giants obsession. Especially my damn Tim Lincecum fever. She only had 2 hours of sleep and she painted a smile on her face and nodded anytime I wanted to do something. She knew exactly how important this was to me. Sister, I love you from the bottom of my heart.


Yeaaaah I live here

Now, the gods opened up the clouds and let the sun shine on San Francisco on this beautiful Saturday. There was absolutely no traffic, crazy drivers and free parking as well as free f%!king entry! Free entry means overwhelming crowds of people. 36,000 people occupied AT & T park that day. IT was bananas! At one point I even heard a woman in line complaining about it and stating that the Giants need to start charging. Lady, Shut up! The Giants do their fans justice by offering such an amazing opportunity. Not only that, but being completely good and down to earth people in every scenario. So I commend them and encourage this event to continue.
Surprisingly we woke up at the crack of dawn and stood in line for two hours until gates opened at 10.

Kenya wasn’t fully awake for hours, but she warmed herself up for the spirit!

This has been craaaay! Haha. Good to be home, though 😍😌⚾❤ #sfgiants #sfgfest #fanfest (Taken with instagram)
Packed house, 36,000 fans!

See I told you the sun shined down on San Francisco :)
Now this was a sight! Tim Lincecum in the freakin’ flesh. Pun intended. I nearly died when he walked out of the clubhouse. No really, I died, my knees buckled, I shrieked and screamed, I probably almost cried to tell you the truth. Seeing him was like seeing The Beatles, straight up pandemonium! I swear I heard birds sing and saw rainbows and unicorns.
  He looks like a hipster!!! Better than last year!
He’s a team favorite, a young athletic star with such a gracious and hippieish presence. My kind of guy. Somewhat tall and lanky with an edge= I’m in love. Timmy is one of the most high profile players in the league and yet he carries himself just like any other 27 year old would, like a kid. Baseball cap with a hood on top, super chill.

He talked about his newly signed 2 year contract with the Giants, his weight and hopes for the this coming season.


Hey bebe!
This is the Feb 7, 2012 SF Chronicle in case you were wondering.
When Tim Lincecum talked about age catching up with him, almost everyone else in the room had to stifle a laugh.  He won’t turn 28 until June, & he’d still need ID to get a drink in any bar tended by a non-baseball fan.
Lincecum wore a grey sweatshirt with its hold pulled over a baseball cap, a fashion typically favored by teens who feel like hiding from the world.  But surrounded by media the day before the Giants’ FanFest last weekend, he seemed more at ease than he has in a while.
A year ago, Lincecum seemed self-conscious, all too aware that he lived in a gilded fish bowl.  In his first four major-league seasons, he won two Cy Young Awards & a World Series.  How could he top that?  He couldn’t, especially not after a collision knocked his catcher out for most of the year.
When Lincecum talked about Buster Posey, he didn’t hesitate to use salty language in describing how their rapport worked.  Last year, he…
Omg…so close.


Next, we headed upstairs to club level to find Timmy, Brian Sabean, Buster Posey and Aubrey Huff at the Amici’s Q & A stage. On the way there we drooled over the mementos of Giants history.

Lil’ Daddy’s world series winning jersey.

Brian Wilson’s Zeus like final out ball.

Clockwise: Newspapers from the 2010 World Series era.
 Winning game jerseys.
Here, is Ross with the World Series trophy and the champagne that popped that night.

Posey’s helmet from the last game.

this is beautiful
Damnit, I’m sad over the Cody Ross trade.

Views from the club!

#fanfest #sfgiants #sfglive #iphoneography (Taken with instagram)

Hubba Hubba <3

Kenya and the Kung Fu Panda, Pablo Sandoval!

I almost broke my ankles on this mound! I just couldn’t believe it. It was a pure heaven, once in a lifetime chance, to be on the pitcher’s mound! The same mound Timmy pitches on and the same mound Brian Wilson closes on. I went on for days and days about my excitement and what this meant to me. I talked my poor sister’s ear off.

Diggin for another championship.

I spent some well deserved time with my boys Josh & Chris. Chris brought along his beautiful daughter, Bella for the festivities. She got through the day like a champ!

The highly anticipated interview of the day came from Buster Posey at the close.
Good to have Buster back and in good condition!

#sfgiants Love of my life ❤ #Buster Posey (Taken with instagram)
Photo via Chickdigthestrikeouts tumblr.
Such a priceless photo of  Posey and baby Posey!

Kenya’s batteries were drained by 2:30. Seriously, she could barely move and was limping. I had to get her to the car and call it a day. 10 minutes into the car ride she was catatonic. Stone cold Knocked Out!

So glad football season is over, this doesn't even look right. Football looks good on ya Timmy, but not like baseball.

I will be back for you boys! Can’t wait for April and the rest of the season!

Peace and love,


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