Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Girl who met world : The update of updates

Hey to all you Guys and Dolls!
Coming on this blog is like walking through a graveyard.
Abandoned much?
So, many things have taken place since my very last post.
I've been away living life,allowing it to unfold.
Essentially living to create.
Creating off of living.
In the past 2 years I fell down the rabbit hole if you will.
All the way down into my own pseudo Wonderland.
The fall was rough but I survived.
Am I confusing you all? allow me to summarize.
Within these last 2 years I have:
become a breadwinner
owned my first home
become a mother
become a wife
moved ...pretty dang far
Wham BAM! See, so much change and evolution.
Basically in two collossal years...I have met my world.
It's never been easy or turned out as planned but I've been blessed to say the least.
Enamored isn't even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing the love I have for my daughter or husband. I can't speak for anyone else's maternity experiences but having Ava (yes she's named after Ava Gardner) revealed the purpose of so many past events. Things are hugely clear and I must say my whole 'Wonderland' experience has been really quite cathartic.
Now this all being said, I in NO WAY have it all figured out.
I'm still a 20 something mess, but I'm no longer wondering.
I've met my world and have yet to complete discovering it, everyday there is something new. I experience things and am effected in a prism like manner due to these new roles /I've acquired. It's all quite fun but enough to make you go crazy.
ADJUSTMENT is an understatement.
I hope to keep with my blog way better than I did before.
Seeing as how I am running behind my 4 month old please forgive me if there is some lagging.
Here's to happy living and blogging.