Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A must see: Chapkis Dance Promo Video

My dance family, Chapkis Dance has had a year of change for the better. This video is living proof of it.
If you are not familiar with my background or these people, then please get acquainted.
This is where my heart lives, where I met people that I will call family for the rest of my life. Everyone is such a joy to be around and to add to it their supply of talent is through the fuckin' roof!
My brother and director Greg Chapkis outdid himself with this one and I am so proud of him and how far he and the company have come!
Watching this ignites the passion and love I have for dance. Its has always been there, it only dimmed for awhile because I let third parties affect it.
Proud to be able to claim my team. Love these kids.
Enjoy. Re-watch.

What the holidays brought..12.25.2011

Christmas for me this year came with a lot of surprises and also a lot of melodramatics. I thought to myself can I seriously catch a break? Apparently that wasn't the time to break, it was potential pop off time. Christmas was literally the eye of the storm. With that said, I'm glad the holidays are over and I am soooo happy that the past and last year's nightmare is behind me! My holiday was spent with the people who wanted to spend it with me and that's all that I could ask for.

Happy New Year! 2012: Live it your way!

    Never been so happy to say goodbye to this year!

Well damn, we made it y'all!! 2011 was literally the hardest year of my life. I say this biting my negative words so harshly of course. I really want to say that this was the worst year of my life but I'm maintaining my optimism. Through all the dramatics I learned the most about life, people and myself this year. I wouldn't give away the life lessons I learned because they collectively brought me to womanhood. But that discussion is in another post, so I'll save it for that!
I spent this New Years with my long-time girlfriends along with some new ones. It was a small and intimate party at my beautiful friend Nicole's house. It was a great celebration with close friends minus all the hassle of crowds and over-pricing.
I wore BCBG from head to toe (as usual), and the girls were knock outs themselves!