Friday, June 29, 2012

Public Announcement: Apocalyptic love tour

I have to stop these posts and just announce that I, Tia, will be seeing my favorite guitarist of all time live in the flesh on October 2nd!!! I almost fainted during each stage of the ticket purchase. You may think me crazy for this but I'm almost certain I'm one of Slash's illegitimate kids. Come on, the full lips, big and ravenous locks...Ok not really, I just love this man!!!!
Rock stars aren't made like this anymore and he is a living legend. If there ever was a band who exemplified the definition of Rock n' Roll it would be Guns N' Roses (original lineup "Appetite for Destruction").
I'm completely counting down the days till can hear my favorite sing of all time, "Sweet Child o' Mine" played by the mythical Slash. I'm already dying over this!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Watch the throne

I think this joint venture was bound to happen, don't you? ;)

A Marvel Partnership

Two uncanny, limitless companies are now one: Marvel and Disney. It has been this way for awhile and for many Marvel/Disney fanatics this is not anything new. On August 31st, 2009 Disney announced they were buying Marvel for FOUR BILLION DOLLARS. After 70 years of strong creative independence, Stan Lee had no hesitation in this agreement. Would you? Would any of us?! Disney and Marvel are almost one in the same and a merge like this was long overdue. Stan Lee, like Walt Disney is responsible for creating multiple realms and mythology that are internationally cherished. I myself have always been enamored with Marvel comics since I was a child. My father and I would sit and read them together. It was our culture and is still largely responsible for our consistant bonding. As large of a geek that I've evolved into over the years I still haven't managed to become familiar with all of Lee's 5,000 established characters. This no doubt will benefit Disney to reach a span of audiences that have proven difficult to entertain (young males, teens, adults, audiences of all demographics). Unfortunately there are some conflicts in paradise:

However, many of Marvel’s best-known characters already have contractual obligations to various rival media conglomerates that will not be easily or quickly undone. Sony has an indefinite hold on Spider-Man; News Corporation exerts similar control over the X-Men. Universal owns distribution rights to the Hulk and long-term theme-park rights in Florida to several characters. This is a pity, because Disney’s theme parks are a part of its business where teenage boys would particularly welcome the contrast that Marvel’s superheroes would provide to the Magic Kingdom’s oppressive wholesomeness.
Despite this con the entire conglomerate proves to provide for more benefits. Disney now has crossed an infinite bridge and Stan Lee has achieved the dream of turning Marvel into the beautiful multimedia company he's always wanted. I've said this many times before, there aren't many modern gems who resemble Walt Disney, only Stan Lee comes close. I only hope that one day he and his work will be just as celebrated as Walt's legacy. With the success of "The Avengers", I'd say his legacy has already been met...

These are a few of my favorite things...

I have a feeling that not many of you agree with me on this one, but I think it’s pretty cool when the attraction stops. Sometimes if you’re lucky you’ll get escorted backstage, which is always interesting to see. It might not be as fun as the ride itself, but you’ll remember that experience every time you choose to ride.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Which one are you?

Guess which column I fall into ;)

Belle of the Bayou

This Princess Tiana limited edition art is by Tim Shumate. Out of all the concept art I've seen for Tiana, this is my absolute top pick! The mix of pin-up edge and a quarter sleeve tattooed could have something to do with it. I probably died during each process of the unveiling of "The Princess and Frog", but nothing compares to hearing that her nickname is Tia in the film!! I fell to pieces in my theater seat. It's almost embarrassing to say that I even cried at that moment.

On three occasions I decided to develop a story and illustrate my own concept art to send to Disney Studios. Don't judge me too harshly, I know they would never pay anything like that any attention. However, as a kid, an extreme Disney kid, I believed it was possible and I was going to make it happen. One day a full blown animated film starring a girl who looked like me would exist. I didn't care what I had to do to make that happen, I just wanted it so bad. Eventually, after zero replies from Disney I had given up and grown up. I had even forgotten about those 3 story pitch packages I had sent away. As time passed, years down the line I heard that "The Princess and The Frog" would be Disney's return to 2D animation. Not only was it 2D but the heroine princess was African-American. Fast forward to watching the complete film with my family on opening day I'm still smiling in retrospect. After leaving the theater my mother turned to me, smiled and said "It's almost as if they made this movie just for you. Tiana is you all over and she has your name. You finally got your dream T."
I did, I finally saw what I had dreamed for in front of my eyes living and breathing in the cinema.
Sometimes I can't help but wonder maybe they did receive those packages. Maybe they didn't have the immediate effect I wanted and maybe they weren't the sole contributions to this happening. But maybe those pixie dust sprinkled, manila packages served as a link in the chain. This is ambitious of me to think, huge for me to dream. I just can't help but wonder. Dreams will always come true, the Disney empire is constant proof of that.


Once upon a dream

Since I am an eternal dreamer and wandering "Lost Boy", I decided to make this week of posts strictly dedicated to Disney. I would choose visiting Disneyland almost over any other place in the world. It's just a feeling I have while being there that makes it incomparable. Upon seeing "Snow White and the Huntsman" (which was fairly good) the wheels in my head began to turn and I've been itching to share the magic. This week I will share my favorite concept art, Disneyland park adventures, story psychosis, character analysis, fun facts etc. Stay tuned for all the magic!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Snapshots: This month in pictures

My lack of posting has irritated me so much. Time is spread thin for me, which is nothing new. Not having Internet access is what is really hindering it all.
I'm in the middle of trying to buy my first house on my own, work is accelerating, I'm mapping my business plan out, dance will be hell for months and I've been sick on and off with strep throat and tonsilitis. Life has been pure madness, but I'm not complaining. There's a wave of security and new found confidence I'm feeling. This makes me proud because the epicenter of this feeling comes from MYSELF. I'm independent in what I do and how I support MYSELF.
When it comes down to the raw truth, I am in control of my happiness and life decisions. Knowing this has made a world of a difference in my attitude. I'm excited for what's to come because I feel this HELL phase dying off. My Dad said it best: "2012 is going to be something to remember. The past is the past and it's over. The chance to have each day to move forward is already a victory."
With that being said I wanted to update you on life with some of my favorite pictures from this last month.

This morning was a big deal for me professionally. You will hear about it in the next coming months. For now, lips are sealed! Needless to say, I thought I was cute with my red lipstick, Buddy Holly glasses and Primark vintage car printer top. Lo and behold this gnarly bruise on my shoulder.

It was the other Twisted Sisterz' Prom day followed by Graduation She looked gorgeoussss! Drop dead. I've been so proud to see her reach her milestones.

I began custom making shorts, vests and jackets with an assortment of studs, patchwork and paint. These were my first cone studded, high waisted Jean shorts! I'm so stoked over how they turned and I dare anyone to tell me not to wear them all year.
There's more pictures to post, but I'm shooting towards saving them for specialized posts.
Till then xoxo Guys and Dolls.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

An evolved power

“power is being told you're not loved and not being destroyed by it”
― Madonna

This is definitely something I've developed this past year.