Friday, June 29, 2012

Public Announcement: Apocalyptic love tour

I have to stop these posts and just announce that I, Tia, will be seeing my favorite guitarist of all time live in the flesh on October 2nd!!! I almost fainted during each stage of the ticket purchase. You may think me crazy for this but I'm almost certain I'm one of Slash's illegitimate kids. Come on, the full lips, big and ravenous locks...Ok not really, I just love this man!!!!
Rock stars aren't made like this anymore and he is a living legend. If there ever was a band who exemplified the definition of Rock n' Roll it would be Guns N' Roses (original lineup "Appetite for Destruction").
I'm completely counting down the days till can hear my favorite sing of all time, "Sweet Child o' Mine" played by the mythical Slash. I'm already dying over this!


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