Sunday, November 21, 2010


I am an 80s baby but I am in all ways a child of the 90s! I look back on my childhood and I recall my days sitting by the television and finding an odd solace in the shows that were in rotation. One of my many favorites was "Boy Meets World". Yeah, Yeah I was in love with JTT, Devon Sawa and all 3 of the Lawrence brothers, but no one stole my heart like Ben Savage a.k.a. Cory Matthews. He was the perfect guy next door type. He was attentive, passionate, caring, hilarious, imperfect at all the right times, level headed, loyal, generous...the list goes on and on. I made an oath to myself that one day I would be like Topanga (ya know since both of us had long names that start with a 'T' & we both had big lips! ;) ) and find my own Cory Matthews. Needless to say, that never happened. I'm just curious if a man like that is real. Honestly! If you are out there, show yourself! Ladies, there is also no real "Noah" of The Notebook either. Keep dreaming, it ain't happening. Your man may be sweet but not to that extent.

Recently, I had a sick day and remembered how much I loved staying home and watching it. TGIF had the perfect lineup when "Boy Meets World" was around ("Family Matters", "Step by step", "Sabrina: the teenage witch" etc.). It always cured my blues and gave me hope that I could follow in Topanga's footsteps. Thank the heavens that seasons 1-3 are available on DVD. I purchased them and my sisters and I get together and watch them every now and then. What we didn't know is how depressed we'd be after watching. How adorable was the episode when Cory travels to Disneyworld to find Topanga and win her back?! I can't tell you how many times I cried because I was jealous of Topanga or because I envied Shawn and Cory's friendship. DRAMATIC! I must have been PMS-ing. But it has seriously been a life long dream of mine to find a mate that is an all around stand up, guy next door, JUST LIKE CORY. I adored him in every aspect, even through his flannel obsessed years.The show has taught me so many life lessons and provided a wholesome yet realistic entertainment for the youth that we will never forget. thank you "Boy Meets World" and thanks to the Savage family for having two amazing sons that gave us some of the best American television series of all time (his brother, Fred played Kevin on "The Wonder Years).

These days you may be able to catch Ben Savage in a few flicks and also making cameos on other TV series. He is trying to get back into acting after his hiatus while attending Stanford University. 
Rider Strong, who played Shawn, is also continuing to act. He's had roles in the horror film series Cabin Fever.
You can catch the gorgeous Danielle Fishel a.k.a. Topanga on The Style Network. She hosts a show modeled after E!'s "The Soup", similarly called "The Dish".
Will Friedle, who played Cory's older brother Eric, had a successful run as Ron Stoppable on the popular cartoon "Kim Possible". Most of his latest work seems to be in the field of animated series. Seems he's found a niche.
What makes me adore the whole cast is their genuine appreciation for the show. Most child/teen stars would resent the very series that gave them a name, but it seems that the cast feels special to have grown up with its audience.That is very rare to hear.

If you were in serious love with Boy Meets World like I was and are itching to own a piece of the series click here. Unfortunately the only seasons available are 1-3. According to season 4 will be available on December 7th but you can pre-order it now. They've been a little slow with the shelling out of seasons. It's not like no one wants them, there was a little problem with the rights to the show I believe.
and here's a little video of some of the best moments if you want to take a trip down memory lane.


  1. I totally agree about the shoes of the 90s. The sitcoms of the 90s seemed more wholesome. Even if you didn't have the perfect family you could dream about what it would be like. Its seems like most sitcoms are about the single parent helping their child become a future star. Everytime I turn on the television there is another reality show about how crazy my parents can be and they are borderline psychopaths. Love is blog and it really took me down memory lane.

  2. I don't know if I can be successful here, but I'm 13 and exactly like Cory Matthews and I am always being cheated on b cuz people dont appreciate a nice guy. I don't want a girl to be PART of my life. I want them to BE my life. So where is Cory Matthews? Well, here I am. Lol me :)- lilcrip29