Friday, January 7, 2011

Best Coast: sounds of summer

Oh how I miss the stifling warm days of summer. I demand them right now! Waking up to scrape ice off my windshield every morning  is not the business and makes me a little late to my destination. Holy smokes it's been cold,  and being a cold Californian is the saddest thing, we are in no way immune to it. My uncle (from Michigan) came to visit one winter and walked around in a short sleeve polo (I know he's crazy!). To him this was the California weather he dreams of. I knew he was officially off his rocker when he declared it beach weather. Anyway whenever a rainy, cold day hits me I tend to listen to music that reminds me of summer. Best Coast is the perfect remedy to your dreary winter days. The band's surf rock taps into your sense memory and brings you to a time and place where you felt just as warm on the inside as you did out. Their full length album Crazy for you is loaded with feel good tunes laced with a signature Cali laid back style. I also adore the tempo and lyrics of their records as they remind me a bit of  50s girl groups, The Shangri-las or The Angels. Don't believe me? Check them out for yourself:
 When I'm With You

My personal favorite, Boyfriend
 till we meet again summer :(
<3, Tia

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