Monday, February 6, 2012

the Brando I remember...




     At times when I see pop culture incorporate a "Brando-esque" character into their works, I get upset. Nobody seems to pay homage to what a great artist he was, especially in his prime. The only Brando my generation know is "The Godfather". During that time, Marlon Brando was extremely depressed, self loathing and obese. People like that Brando because he is a parody. It's kind of similar to what pop culture has done to Michael Jackson. What happened to celebrating the good in someone's legacy. Yeah, those times are apart of their lives but lets try and remember what brought them to our attention. Brando was probably the most gorgeous man of his time. If he were alive and young he'd still have no competition. That's called breaking the mold. :)
Respect people for their talents, don't mock them for their demons.


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  1. thank you tia
    what wonderful thing to say