Monday, February 6, 2012

My heart lives in San Francisco: DAMSF

Thursday night, was as always a night to remember thanks to DAMSF.

 DAMSF is a night my good friend Paymaneh “Bibi” Khalili created to celebrate the various cutting edge arts around the entire San Francisco Bay Area.


It happens about every 3 months. All of us artists head out to serve as audiences and entertainers. I’ve performed multiple times at this event and as of recently, been helping running the show. The fact that Bibi is an amazing renaissance woman who works so hard to bring LA nights to Bay makes me proud. Thank you so much for holding this event. It is the ONE night I feel that all of us artists are so encouraging and positive to one another.

I left home early for a dope long night with my best friend Justina Long-Am & my long time loyal friend Matt Lowery. Justina worked the sound booth with me and I brought Matt along to get him the hell away from his problems in Solano County. He had never been to a dance show before, so I knew he would enjoy it. I always get nervous to bring my friends from my personal life into my dance world because it can be a tad overwhelming to some people. I continuously pre-cautioned him about some things that may occur until finally he had to tell me “Tia, STOP! I really want to go, I can’t wait actually.” Then I realized that he is actually the most chill & go with the flow person I’ve ever met. As expected he had a great time, Justina had a fab time and I too felt amazing about the night.

My dance crew, Chapkis Dance performed as a little sneak peek to prelude their next video.

Your editor in chief of The Twisted Sisterz made her way to the stage as a model for fellow dancer and friend David King’s Ashes to Ashes clothing.

The cast of models!
I adored my glasses and clothing combination!

My old dance teammates. I’ve shared the stage with all of these people at some point.

Dejuan, Chelsea, Justina and Matt Day. All these people are stars in their own right! You’ll know their names soon enough I’m sure!

I also shared sound booth duties with Dejuan as well. He needs his own comedy show. So you know what that means, he & I together = A riot !

“What’d that girl say?! Oh unh uh ….7 minutes!”

Later on it was picture time with some of my girls from my crew. We’re so damn close, we only call each other sisters.

There was no way to stop us from goofing off and laughing for a perfect shot. I have the best times with my team. 80% of my laughter is because of them! How we get our work done, I never know.

Then lastly, it was party time after the last performer. Battle circles ensued and hook ups occurred! It was so fun to watch and dance the night away. Can’t wait for the next DAMSF! I highly suggest you all get there my Bay area natives. Keep you posted on the next dates!

Good Times!
Peace and love,

photos via: James Slim Dang and First Class Arts

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