Monday, November 28, 2011

Project ReVamp

Both of these are so inspirational. As you all know I've been revamping my room, a personal project I took on, this fall. The theme is heavily drawn from Tim Burton's taste and work. These two photos were some of my templates. I used these whenever I was stuck on new DIY ideas or decor. My goal is to keep the theme abstract, like the above picture, but with a classic/modern/victorian touch, like the one below. Sounds odd? Perfect!
How I'm going to pull this off I have no idea, but the closer I get to the finished product the more I surprise myself. The finished product should be coming up soon!


HOT ITEM: Daydreamer LA "Zombie" sweater

I'm more than a little late for Halloween, but who cares!
I initially purchased this sweater by Daydreamer LA to speak out on how I felt 24/7. I know i'm such a drama queen, but it also turned out to be a witty Halloween costume.
No one could ask me what I was for Halloween because my sweater said it all.
When this photo was taken, I was actually at an Old Hollywood party. You can't really tell in the picture but I was decked out in victory rolls and all. Towards the end of the night I got a little chilly and tired and didn't want to ruin my BCBG chiffon top. The only cover I had was this sweater and it was a hit!
Anytime I've worn this item it's been the talk of the night. People either think it's hilarious, fun or straight up offensive. Fashion is freedom of expression, it isn't supposed to be tamed or make others feel comfortable. With that said this item did its job and displayed my sassy sarcasm perfectly.
To cop one for yourself click here

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Audio Therapy: Megan and Liz Are You Happy Now

I've been listening to Megan and Liz for about the past two years. I first found out aboutthem because they did a cover of Demi Lovato's song Catch Me so periodically Iwould go back to their youtube page to listen to their covers because they are extremely talented and I love their voices. A few months ago I fell in love with their song Maybe Possibly (great break-up song) which showed that they were talented song writters also, but tonight I just watched their video Are You Happy Now. This song is a great song that promotes anti bullying which I am all for, it is one of the things I hate most in this world. The video has such a strong message and I'm really happy that by them doing this a younger audience might be able to see that bullying is wrong. I probably sound like a cheesy PSA right now so I'll leave it at that and let you guys watch the video after the jump.

Dear Benji,

That A$$ needs to be covered at all times.
Quit showin' people my property.


Audiotherapy: Good Charlotte "Alive"

I LOVE these boys.
I swear I listen to this song everrrryday.


Beautiful Creature

Marry Me: Eiknarf

Recently I've become obsessed with the magic that is Eiknarf a.k.a. Frankie.
This man is a recipe of all things your parents wanted you to stay away from. A perfect cocktail of tattoos, SEX, rebellion and an IDGAF attitude.
Look a little closer and you'll see beyond the tattoos and be inspired by his art, drive and humor.
To me, Frankie is not only some damn good eye candy but a great example of a self made man. Like Sinatra he did it his way, and tattooed his body as reassurance to avoid ever falling into a corporate machine.
Anybody who finds their own way out of something that isn't promising themselves deserves recognition.
And that swoop of brown/red hair... *sigh* don't get me started.
Get familiar with this kid, before I wife him ;)
check him out in Inked Mag's November issue.

LIFE Floral-Crew Neck Sweater

The EIKNARF crew neck "LIFE" Floral sweater. This is apart of his limited edition line. Each item for sale only consist of 100 available items. Did I mention that these items were hand crafted and made in America?
You'll have to learn more about this enigma yourself.
Designer. Producer. Artist

All images taken via Eiknarf Instagram.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Audio Therapy: Jojo Disaster

I dont know about all of you guys but, personally, I'm way too excited! Jojo has a new album called Jumping Trains coming out soon. She has gone through a diffacult journey after being dropped from her old label, so I'm just happy that a talented artist like her is back on her feet. Plus I've been missing this girls music (I was going through withdrawls)
She has a new single and video out called Disaster. I love it! For some reason though she kind of reminds me of Linsay Lohan in this video ( her look and demeanor, not voice). It's a great song and video. So you should check it out.
 “I call my music ‘pop with an anger-management problem,’ because it’s a little on the edge,”
I love this quote!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Martha Stewartin' IT..

Recently I've been bitten by some kind of creative bug and it involves my room.

I wanted a change in my blase room, and boy, does it look and feel different!
I am very much inspired and enamored with old Hollywood as you know, but especially Tim Burton, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and The Addams Family. Bizarre intricate beautiful things seems to catch my fascination. Why not create my own world?
So I statred with adorning my walls with crooked empty frames.

My room is filled with portraits of black and white and plush royal violet walls and immaculate hues of purple.

I wanted an unorthodox yet regal and victorian look, a la Addams Family mansion meets Burton's Alice in Wonderland. So I started with the frames. I began with Krylon's metallic silver spray paint. These frames I found dirt cheap on sale at Michael's.

To achieve the desired theme after painting the frames both silver and black I went over them with a webbing spray after drying. This creates a marble finish to any project you use it on.

This is how the silver turned out. I used a black webbing spray on the silver frames and silver webbing spray on the black frames.

I LOVE the intensity this small detail brought to the project!

Here's a pic of the few frames I hung after finishing. At first I didn't love the black frames as much but they grew on me. They have more of a spiderweb looking finish than a marble one. Lucky for me I love that kind of stuff!

This change in my room brought along a big change in me as well! Unfortunately I'm moving soon, so the finished project will stay unfinished. But, this also means a bigger area to get busy on! Can't wait to see what I come up with for the entire house.