Sunday, November 27, 2011

Marry Me: Eiknarf

Recently I've become obsessed with the magic that is Eiknarf a.k.a. Frankie.
This man is a recipe of all things your parents wanted you to stay away from. A perfect cocktail of tattoos, SEX, rebellion and an IDGAF attitude.
Look a little closer and you'll see beyond the tattoos and be inspired by his art, drive and humor.
To me, Frankie is not only some damn good eye candy but a great example of a self made man. Like Sinatra he did it his way, and tattooed his body as reassurance to avoid ever falling into a corporate machine.
Anybody who finds their own way out of something that isn't promising themselves deserves recognition.
And that swoop of brown/red hair... *sigh* don't get me started.
Get familiar with this kid, before I wife him ;)
check him out in Inked Mag's November issue.

LIFE Floral-Crew Neck Sweater

The EIKNARF crew neck "LIFE" Floral sweater. This is apart of his limited edition line. Each item for sale only consist of 100 available items. Did I mention that these items were hand crafted and made in America?
You'll have to learn more about this enigma yourself.
Designer. Producer. Artist

All images taken via Eiknarf Instagram.


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