Monday, November 29, 2010

Look back: Blink-182

While cleaning out my closet last night I came across all my old Blink-182 posters. When I say these brought back so many memories, I mean it. I giggled because my dad was always upset to see 3 grown men in underwear plastered on my wall. I think that was part of their promotion for "Enema of the state". They were always naked! But that's not why we loved Blink-182, we loved them because they were genuine and fun. Sometimes music, especially rock music, can be so serious. Blink-182 brought the innocence of having fun back into music for me. They were so natural, nothing was forced. Blink's sound was also a representation of California pop-punk. There is no sound like it, it contains so many sense memories for me.The boys also weren't just here for laughs they had a good amount of substance songs. Their audience changed moods with them just as they did. "Adam's Song" was released after "What's my age again" and "All the small things" and it was just as amazing. Same with"Stay together for the kids". Those songs pushed me through low slumps in my life. I didn't comprehend them as much when I was 13, but they still spoke to me. It was the freedom and fight in Blink that made me love them. They would change for no one.Everything was on their terms. There's nothing more punk than that.

Womanly Crisis: SHOES

For the past few years I have been living a life of walking and standing. I walk all around school, I stand up all day at work, I dance for hours. So my main wardrobe consists mainly of flats and sneakers. Sneakers are apart of my culture, everyone in the dance world is addicted to them. I love both styles of shoes but let's be honest, they aren't the snazziest things. Sometimes I can feel my inner diva dying to lash out when I'm preparing for a date or night out but my heel selection is low. So, I've shopping around at heels that I could stop traffic in and also use for various everyday activities.

this is a platform shoe I found on Baker's. It's called the Villa. I love the sweetheart outline of this everyday platform. It also comes in purple. Runs only for 79.95!
these are by Jessica Simpson. I would take shoe advice from Jessica any day. She always has the cutest heels and her shoes are some of the most comfy heels I've worn. I don't normally gravitate towards heels that strap up your whole foot, but these grew on me.
These are called the Georina and are only 69.99.
Perfect lace up boots for fall. These are also from Baker's and were $159 but are now $89.99. Can't decide between black or brown. Both are good for any occasion.
For the Rockabilly in me I purchased this crazy Iron Fist heel. It was only $44 and it's from one of my favorite websites,
How fun are these?! Don't know if I would ever wear them but I love how bold they are.
This is definitely a heel that must be paired with a beautiful fit, or maybe just a simple black dress. The shoe can basically dress the whole outfit up. Love these, glad I bought them before they sold out!
A good peep toe/patent leather shoe is a staple in the closet.

Where do you always go to replenish your high heel stock?
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Snapshots: James Dean Pt.2

I love this photo because it's so eerie.
It's almost as if he knew.

Monday, November 22, 2010

SNAPSHOTS: James Dean x Natalie Wood

James Dean is my hero. I'm sure I share that statement with millions of people around the world. I empathized with James Dean in a way that I had never done before with a film star. James Dean's hero was Marlon Brando (whom I also adore) but I discovered Dean first. I had no knowledge that he wanted to be what Brando was so my first memory of him was a milestone for me. It made me fall in love with his era.He quickly became a demi-god to me, along with he rest of the golden age of Hollywood. His very being seems mythical, like he was never here. Was he real? Or is he just a legend? I wonder that sometimes. That's what I love about old Hollywood. You can't capture that same magic today.I collect coffee table books that capture images of various stars from those days. The glossy pages carry many stunning shots but I always find the candid photos much more interesting. I believe I like this because you so rarely see them enjoying themselves, drinking a coke ( doing humanizing things) or just letting go.These are some of my favorite candid stills from Rebel without a Cause. I love them because you can feel the chemistry between Natalie Wood and Dean. They got along together just like a pair of kids. Just like I do with some of my really good male friends. The humanizing side of James Dean is something that you just don't see. Maybe because he was an introvert, he kept to himself and refused to change for anyone but himself. He was very selective about the people he befriended, Dean wasn't an easy person to reach (I think we have this in common to an extent). In these photos and the video below I see someone completely different.

A Change In Disney

    So this Wednesday Disney's new movie Tangled is coming out, which I'm too excited about. According to John Lasseter Disney's animation co-chief, this will be the last Disney movie based off of fairy tales." One reason is because the studio is fearful of alienating young boys, who supposedly won't see something like last year's "The Princess and the Frog." and according to my lovely resource Yahoo, "young girls consider themselves too cool to want to be princesses". This completely made me question today's youth. Even to this day I love Disney movies but I don't watch Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Princess and the Frog etc. because I want to be a princess I watch them because these movies are magical, and they just lift my spirit up. I can understand why they're saying they don't want to make anymore fairy tale movies because they don't want to leave younger boys out of the Disney experience but they have always had movies that weren't only about princesses like The Lion King, The Incredibles, The Jungle Book, Finding Nemo, the list goes on. So I think this decision is just ridiculous.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I am an 80s baby but I am in all ways a child of the 90s! I look back on my childhood and I recall my days sitting by the television and finding an odd solace in the shows that were in rotation. One of my many favorites was "Boy Meets World". Yeah, Yeah I was in love with JTT, Devon Sawa and all 3 of the Lawrence brothers, but no one stole my heart like Ben Savage a.k.a. Cory Matthews. He was the perfect guy next door type. He was attentive, passionate, caring, hilarious, imperfect at all the right times, level headed, loyal, generous...the list goes on and on. I made an oath to myself that one day I would be like Topanga (ya know since both of us had long names that start with a 'T' & we both had big lips! ;) ) and find my own Cory Matthews. Needless to say, that never happened. I'm just curious if a man like that is real. Honestly! If you are out there, show yourself! Ladies, there is also no real "Noah" of The Notebook either. Keep dreaming, it ain't happening. Your man may be sweet but not to that extent.

Not your granny's fairytales

So, a while ago I came across these crazy drawing of timeless fairy tale heroines sexed up x 10.
 I absolutely love fairy tales and especially Disney. I think I could spend every waking day of my life at will come to learn that about me very shortly :). Anywho, I just can't get enough of the extra femme twist on these characters. My favorite has to be Ariel because she is all together my favorite, but hers seems more natural. The art is done by Jeffrey Campbell for his calendar, "Fairytale Fantasies". He has worked for Wild Storm Comics as well as Marvel. This man is a legend, I love his work. You will too, I'm sure.
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Sunny Days: Puerto Vallarta faves pt.1

Because of this crap weather, I decided to post some of my favorite photos from this past summer on the site. Every time I look at them I feel like I'm not stuck in this dreary fall/winter weather. My family and I went to Puerto Vallarta in July. We stayed at the RIU Palace (highly recommend it). It was all inclusive and just the best of the best. I wish I could go again. While I was there I definitely took it for granted. I promise I won't do it anymore, Lord just get me there again soon!!
Enjoy the shots!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fefe Dobson: "Stuttering"

In ode to Ms. Dobson's new album, Joy, (which will be available in the U.S. on November 30th) we decided to post her latest single, Stuttering. In my opinion Ghost is way better, but hey it's still a good song. Not to mention the video is interesting, it has a little twist to it. We love Fefe and can't wait for her album. It's been a long time coming...7 years to be exact. We've been very patient. So in the mean time we hope this will curb you all until the album comes out! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trying times

dead end road.. where will i end up now

Lately, I haven't felt like myself. I'm always tired and all I want to do is sleep and be alone. The hustle and bustle of the world is too much for me, at least right now. I've been very skeptical of people and flat out just not up for a lot of things. This is not like me. I am by all means not a "sugary-smiley" person. But I do love laugh and have fun. I also consistently challenge myself and maintain a level head, even if I carry doubts within my self. I know that my life is beautiful as well as the people in it and that it should not be taken for granted. Something has not been right with me. Maybe I'm burned out or maybe my future is fowarding too quickly for my taste. There is nothing I can specifically trigger this funk to. All I can say is that it is everything. Everything bothers me. It bothers me to the point that I carry no reaction to anything, I'm just numb. This feeling, this funk that I'm in is very scary because I feel as though I have lost myself somehow, I can't trust people, I can't relax, it won't let me be. I didn't notice I was sad until my technique instructor observed me perform a piece of choreography. She said my piece made her remember how vulnerable she was to the world at my age. All I could do was cry because I didn't realize that I had put my own emotions into the piece. I've been so busy my mind hasn't caught up with my body. This is the first time this has happened to me since I was 13. But it was different then, I knew what was affecting me. I spoke to my father last night. He has always been a big help. My Dad is one of those amazing people who have made a neverending list of screw ups but won't deny discussing them. That's how amazing he is, he continually tries to better himself and doesn't believe he is above anyone. My father believes that I put WAY to much pressure on myself. He is right. I try to please everyone and be everything to them. This is dangerous because it is literally impossible. You can't please everyone. I can't weigh my self worth on the opinions of others. It has literally driven me crazy because if I don not live up to a perfect standard I consider myself a failure. By writing my issue to you all, I have basically pin-pointed the source. In my perspective I have been lacklustre to my peers and co-workers/team mates, therefore I'm no good. I've just been slowly spiraling down within th past few weeks. My body is suffering as well. But whatever this is I will get through it. If anyone can say one thing about me, it's that I am a fighter. Not in a physical since, more figurative. I don't give up, not easily at least. I've faced many challenges and hard times and you know what? I've conquered them all! I am not weak, dumb, untalented or average. I know this but lose sight of it way too much sometimes. Because of this I will be doing things that make ME happy at least once a day instead of once a month or whenever. You should all do the same. If you love yourself, show it! You are all you got, no one has your back like you do. Remember that. Everyone is a shining star at something, you've just got to find it and believe it. Don't give up because I won't.

Something that keeps me a little motivated...I can't lie. I love Christina for this song.

What I did this weekend: WOD & Prelude Norcal 2010

This weekend, my team VIP competed at World of Dance Bay Area and Prelude Norcal 2010. Both events were amazing and full of crazy talent. My team did an amazing job but we didn't place. Not too happy about it, I beg to differ with some of the scoring. That being said we are an established team with many new members so it is an adjustment. VIP has been a revolving door within the past few months. Some old members are on hiatus right now so the adjustment has been a little odd. But everyone on the team has showcased their tenacity and hardwork. This experience has only made us bond a bit more. There will be much more to come!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SPOTLIGHT: "Four Women" performed on Black girls rock!

Because it's that good I had to post it. Not only was this event so positive and very much needed, this performance blew me away. I have never seen true artists showcased at televised shows. It's always the A-listers chosen to perform because they rake in viewers. Truthfully they shouldn't because many of those artist's careers are based only on image. I can attest to the fact that I cried a few to times while Iyanla Vanzant, Ruby Dee and the founder of the foundation, Beverly Bond spoke.This organization's mission is "to bring about awareness and change in the way in which young women of color are being portrayed, and are portraying themselves in hip-hop culture".  It was so uplifting to see black women portrayed as so many positive things. The positive things I have witnessed my whole life. I for one have not one black woman who shakes their ass and has multiple baby daddy's in my family. No hoodrats, no jezebels, no ghetto queens, no video vixens...none of those. They are all beautiful, strong, intelligent,resilient and tenacious women. My friends are also the same as well as their families. So, in short I was very touched by the spirit in that ceremony. I was relieved to hear that I'm not the only one who struggles with self esteem issues due to my race. Don't get me wrong, I love being a black woman, I wouldn't have it any other way. But, there are some days when I think less of my beauty and place in the world because I look to the media and the world's take on my race and it's women. This I know is toxic, but it is true and it happens to many women all over the world. It is up to us to remind ourselves the good thing about our cultures, our families and ourselves. Don't for one second forget it.
Below is probably my favorite performance  of the year. These lovely ladies performed "Four Women" by Nina Simone. Here you have Kelly Price, Marsha Ambrosius, Jill Scott and Ledisi. What a line up!

Ladies killed it! I was speechless. All I could do was stand up in my room and clap. Ledisi was my favorite, she closed it so perfectly. Honestly this was one of the first positive huge events BET has held. While watching I noticed previews for other shows, which I must confess are all great and really diginified. I never thought this would happen for BET, or any music channel. Positivity doesn't always equal low ratings. I hope it continues to understand that it has the power to influence the young community just as I was influenced by The Cosby Show, A Different World and Living Single. Granted, those shows weren't educational but it was their setting that changed my life. These were black people in positive positions i.e. attending college,living in suburbia, working up the ladder at law firms and medical practices, heading magazine companies. I could see my family in the Huxtable's, there was finally a family that depicted a different kind of household. Little things like this can make a huge imprint. So, as we all venture out into the world and try to make a difference, keep in  mind people are watching you, and what you do does matter.


P.S. to learn more about the Black Girls Rock! organization click here
The song "Four Women" can be found on the For Colored Girls soundtrack.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

At the drive-in: Our top anticipated films. Part 2

So to add on to my sisters lovely and ginormously long blog pot I just had to add two more movies that I am just dying to see.

OK so to start off with this movie I just have to say how much I love Jake Gyllenhaal. I mean seriously who doesn't love this guy. The first time I saw him in The Bubble he just stole my heart and he has just blown me away with his performances in every movie of his that I've seen so I already have a feeling that this movie is going to be phenomenal because not only is it Jake Gyllenhaal but also Anne Hathaway. In my opinion Anne Hathaway is an amazing actress and she is just so cute, but with a hint of sass. The perfect combination.

Now this movie seems like it's going to be a blast to watch, not only does it have Zach Galifinakis but it also has Emma Roberts in it. When I was little one of my favorite things to do was turn on the TV, change the channel to Nickelodeon and watch Unfabulous. Unfabulous was a cute show about a preteen who went through the typical drama of growing up, it was one of my favorite shows and I kind of wish they would show it  on TV still. Plus she gets extra points in my book for being Julia Robert's neice, and she's only 19.  So I think she's on the right path.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Married to the Mob goodies

Married to the Mob has been one of my favorite clothing brands for a while now.
I was first introduced to them from Karmaloop and from then on my infatuation has nevver fizzled. Each collection has a plethora of tongue in cheek (sometimes explicit) sayings. The combination of their bold attitude & fantastic knack for feminine edge designs makes them one of my top go to brands. This is a line for the urban fashionista, a niche that is being specially catered to by MOB. Here's a look at some of my favorite pieces:

I own this jacket. It was a permanent staple to my daily outfits for months. I love it because it transitions so well from day to night, especially in the city.

When I saw these hats, I went bananas! I just had to purchase one, which I did. The pink one was my favorite so I only chose one. What I love about these caps is the embroidered lips on the side along with MOB's tagline, 'Most Official Bitches'.

ABDC's "Beat Freaks" decked out in 'Married to the Mob'. This girls are sick on the dance floor.

Lacoste Hironia x Married to the Mob

these shoes...I must have! But my wallet can't afford them and my bills. Bills come first, yeah, yeah, yeah. But I will be getting these soon. Good news is you can now purchase any of these goodies on MOB's online store! They finally have one. They even debuted their first male tees.
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Video: Rihanna on SNL

rihanna snl1 e1288517250709 Video: Rihannas Shy Ronnie SNL Skit
To gear up for the release of her new album, Rihanna paid a visit to SNL.
I'm not to in love with her performances (especially "Only Girl") but I was most excited to see her and Andy Samberg returning to the "Shy Ronnie" Digital Short. The first time she did it I was on my neck! One thing I can say about the girl is she certainly has a knack for comedic timing. Check out the skit and RiRi's performances!

Monday, November 1, 2010

At the drive-in: Our top anticipated films

Our top anticipated films for the rest of 2010  that is. Kenya and I are avid fans of film. We dissect it, become inspired by it, study it, memorize it...we love it! So of course it's only natural that we have a huge list of trips planned to the theater on our calendars. Check it out!

Great songs that get me through the day.

How do I even begin? Boys, the word itself is an oxymoron. You love them, and you hate them. You can't live with and at the same time you can't live without them. Yea I know I just said a bunch of cliche quotes, but I think that's the only way I can describe it. I can't safely say that not all boys are the same because sadly I'm only 16 years old and all of the boys I've talked to have been in High school and in the end they all turn out to be jerks, but maybe they'll grow out of it.


If I had any kind of funds to support a lavish fashion habit i believe my wardrobe would be a little something like Rihanna's. Like everyone, she has her fashion DON'Ts but for the most part girl kills it with every fit. Especially lately, I love her use of really feminine pieces and floral patterns.