Monday, November 1, 2010

At the drive-in: Our top anticipated films

Our top anticipated films for the rest of 2010  that is. Kenya and I are avid fans of film. We dissect it, become inspired by it, study it, memorize it...we love it! So of course it's only natural that we have a huge list of trips planned to the theater on our calendars. Check it out!

Harry Potter 7 Pt. 1

Words cannot express how excited I am to see the part 1 of the last Harry Potter film. I've already made my plans to go see it and everything. I'm sure I'll be sad when the movie series ends ( because Twilight will still be around, gosh I hate it!) just like I was when the book series ended. It was like the end of my childhood. Kenya and I used to sit and read the books to each other for one week after their release. I credit Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling for inspiring my sister to read on a regular basis out of enjoyment. What cool books do I read now? Sure there are lots of other sagas that have huge potential and burst with adventure...but none like Ms. Rowling's. The imagination on this woman is insane and the films rarely disappoint. The casting is on point and the graphics are all too real. I can't wait to see Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint strecth themselves as actors as their characters deal with extraordinary challenges and experiences. Did I mention that adore Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange? Look how fierce she is.
Black Swan
 Natalie Portman is one of the best actresses to represent her generation. She is constantly turning out hearty performances. Black Swan seems to be 10 steps beyond her last film. The preview gives me chills. This film has been all the rage at film festivals and is already receiving oscar buzz. I love the mystery in the preview, nothing is too obvious. It kind of reminds me of how old films used to be advertised, they were extremely suspenseful. This will also be a huge leap for Mila Kunis to show what skills she has. This thriller revolves around the competitive world of ballet. Portman will be playing the lead, Nina Saiers who goes through extreme sacrifices and changes for the lead role of the swan after the prima ballerina is replaced. Nina embodies the innocence of the white swan but does not have to edge and sensuality to play the black swan. Lily, played by Kunis, embodies the black swan. Nina tries to push herself and leads herself through a path of recklessness as she befriends Lily and builds a distorted relationship. The macabre of the film is very intriguing. Can't wait to see it!


What sold me on this film was the star of the film, Garret Hedlund. He stole our hearts when starred along Mark Wahlberg in Four Brothers. Oh, how we fell in love with him. This kid has quite a resume an amazing range as an actor.He's one of those actors you can trust.  Seeing him trot around in a skin tight bodysuit makes me extremely eager to spend 10 dollars at the box office. This film promises to a box office hit for the holidays. Just look at the graphics! It'll be very interesting to see how this former game pans out as blockbuster.

Due Date
How could you ignore this amazing duo? Zach Galifianakis and...Robert Downey Jr. If done correctly they could both go down in the history of amazing comedic duos. there's been few so far in my generation. The last I could think of is Vaughn & Wilson (Wedding Crashers). However, I have no doubt they will. Robert Downey Jr. throws himself whole heartedly into every role he chooses. The natural quality of his acting + his raw talent= a child of Brando. What makes him even more beautiful is his comeback story and down to earth personality. I've heard many stories about fans who have met the guy and they are all positive. This film seems to be one that is relying on its stars to sell it. But hey, I'm sold. If The Hangover has taught anyone not to sleep Zach Galfianakis and comedic underdogs then this film will do well. The preview cracks us up!

For Colored Girls

This film looks iconic for so many reasons. I'm excited to see it because I'm eager to observe how Tyler Perry relates this older play to modern times. Being a black woman doesn't carry the same bag of issues as it did when the play was first made. It'll be very interesting to see how Tyler Perry has adapted the well respected play. This is the first feature that he hasn't put his name on, which I think helps. I believe this film will not only resonate with black women but with all races. Many women will be able to see themselves in the various characters. Also, take a look at the star cast: Janet Jackson, Thandie Newton, Kerry Washington, Whoopi Goldberg, Phylicia Rashad, Kimberley Elise, Anika Noni Rose and Loretta Devine. This is the biggest all black female cast of all time. What a way to make history. As with many films that come out around the winter time, For Colored Girls has already generated oscar buzz. However, I have heard negative feedback from loyal fans of the play. Some complain that the film victimizes black women and villainizes black men. Whatever the case, I'll be the judge on November 5th!

 127 hours

This independent gem opens this Friday! James Franco plays mountain climber Aron Ralston in this true story. The movie is filmed like a documentary and follows Ralston's adventures as rock climber. What makes this interesting? Well, Ralston becomes trapped under a boulder while cayoneering and results to amputating his arm in order to survive. 
Having told no one where he was headed and hiking with scant supplies, Ralston knew that if he didn't free himself he would perish from starvation, dehydration or exposure. Five days into his ordeal, Ralston figured out that if he broke the two bones in his right forearm, he would be able to use a dull multi-tool to saw through the flesh, muscles and tendons that bound him to a certain death. -John Horn, Los Angeles Times
 Franco's performance as with many other films has been eyed as oscar worthy. How could you not want to see a James Franco film. Also the film is directed by Danny Boyle, the same director of Slumdog Millionaire. I think I cried for hours when I watched that, this is sure to be no different. We've even heard stories of audience members fainting while watching the amputation scene. Yikes!
"It's a very intimate experience. One of the reasons the reaction is so intense is because you're so invested in the character. When you go to a horror movie, you know the characters are just expendable. So you don't care at the same level."- James Franco, Los Angeles Times

Blue Valentine

  Ryan Gosling. Need I say more? He's on the list along with Garrett Hedlund and Robert Downey Jr. They are the actors you can trust. He also single handedly made every man on earth hate him for being so damn PERFECT in The Notebook. Michelle Williams herself is also a phenomenal actress. We can't wait to see her star as Marilyn Monroe in her next movie.The plot is rather simple. It follows the lives of a married couple through their evolution over the years.The preview doesn't give away much, but I've been hearing nothing but great things about it. The film recently just got slapped with an NC-17 rating, not due to its love scenes but the characteristics of them (i.e. arguing while having sex). I don't know about you but I would totally give this film a break and take the rating down to an 'R'. If Jackass 3d can show Bam Margera full frontal and escape from that disastrous rating so can Blue Valentine. It is slated for release on December 31st, but don't expect it to be in every theater due to its rating.

So, there you have it. What do you guys plan on seeing?


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