Sunday, August 14, 2011

Audiotherapy: Paramore "MONSTER"

Gosh, with everything going on in my life, this song has proven to be a savior this week.
You gotta love Paramore.
They always know how to say things poetically, powerfully but yet subtle.
I tell myself things will get better, because things could be worse. But I must be true to myself and honor
this rut that I'm in. Whether that means my vision things is warped or not is besides the matter.
I'm learning to stop, relax and do things that MAKE ME HAPPY, not keep me busy.
It's time to get back to that and become MY OWN BEST FRIEND again.
This is all very hard to do, especially when doing for others makes you feel so good.
But doing for others and then being betrayed has also eaten me alive.
This is all character building and what matters is how you come out of it. That's the truth. You can continue to ignore your issues until they grow into something supernatural and threaten to engulf you.
That's what this song represents to me. Things are hard, people are treacherous, but your everlasting will to make it will help you survive anything.

You were my conscience, so solid now you’re like water.

And we started drowning, not like we’d sink any farther.
But I let my heart go, its somewhere down at the bottom.
But I’ll get a new one and come back for the hope that you´ve stolen (Paramore, "Monster")


(gifs courtesy of fxckyeahparamore tumblr)

I just had to pause and take a moment to say..

Did anyone check out the back on Lincecum yesterday?

Tim Lincecum - August 13, 2011
It looked extra hypnotizing yesterday.
Just puttin' that out there :)
Gah, I love me some Timmy