Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Every blue moon I go through phases of obsession. No lie, I'll become obsessed with crazy things. If you are a close friend of mine you'll know that my grocery list of obsession includes: feral children, Hollywood babylon, Jack the Ripper, The Black Dahlia, Sid & Nancy, Edgar Allan Poe, child serial killers,
Marilyn Monroe's death, Cleopatra, Heath Ledger etc..
I know, all so random and weird. I will literally overdose on all the facts and findings of something until there is no more to consume. Some of them are scary things, they FREAK me out. Oh yes, they scare my freakin' ovaries off but I'm fascinated with how things pan out, how these odd things can happen. Don't be scared of me because I researched killers. I don't dig them, but knowing how their mind works is pretty interesting. Oh come on, you all do it too! Everyone watches A & E, Snapped and all these other crime shows.
While listening to one of my favorite bands Nirvana, I got curious as to why people accuse Courtney Love of killing Kurt Cobain.

What began as a simple inquiry has become my latest obsession. I used to believe that people who ran with that theory were koo-koo bananas. After putting in the reading of the actual facts, I now may or may not be on that train too. There's too many gaps for me to continue to believe Kurt took his own life.
So if he didn't, like we were all told to believe for the last 18 years, who did?
Who really killed Kurt Cobain?

Now, I don't want to go into detail on my blog.
I definitely don't want that kind of zen juju here.
Twitter wouldn't even let me post a link to private investigator,Tom Grant's website on the case.
It kept telling me that that particular tweet was "forbidden".
Forbidden my ass.
If you're obsessive with conspiracies like me and believe that there are definite secrets out there, use your google machine.
Google Kurt Cobain's death read about the obvious evidential facts that were ignored.
The most interesting was definitely the suicide note which appears to be in 2 different handwritings.
Did I mention that the note was also about Kurt quitting music, not quitting life?
Even Kurt's grandfather, Leland Cobain believes that his son was murdered.
The case definitely needs to be re-opened, justice for Kurt is overdue.
Do the studying for yourself, true or not, it's a pretty good argument.


  1. Tia, you should come borow some of my serial killer library. It's insane. I love people that love spooky crazy killer things like me!!!

  2. OMG I need to. We should exchange stories! I lovveeee all that stuff. Robyn and Tiara always laugh about how I was obsessed with Kip Kinkel for awhile. I wanted to write him letters and interview him. Good thing I didn't because that would've been potentially dangerous. haha. By the next we get together I'll have something else I'm overdosing on. Remember the case with those two kids that killed their father? They were manipulated by this 30 something year old man who sexually abused them? That had me for awhile. So sad...
    It's scary stuff, but I can't stop!! And to add to it, I have the nerve to be scared at night.
    Right now I'm afraid of Courtney Love. But who isn't?!