Monday, November 29, 2010

Womanly Crisis: SHOES

For the past few years I have been living a life of walking and standing. I walk all around school, I stand up all day at work, I dance for hours. So my main wardrobe consists mainly of flats and sneakers. Sneakers are apart of my culture, everyone in the dance world is addicted to them. I love both styles of shoes but let's be honest, they aren't the snazziest things. Sometimes I can feel my inner diva dying to lash out when I'm preparing for a date or night out but my heel selection is low. So, I've shopping around at heels that I could stop traffic in and also use for various everyday activities.

this is a platform shoe I found on Baker's. It's called the Villa. I love the sweetheart outline of this everyday platform. It also comes in purple. Runs only for 79.95!
these are by Jessica Simpson. I would take shoe advice from Jessica any day. She always has the cutest heels and her shoes are some of the most comfy heels I've worn. I don't normally gravitate towards heels that strap up your whole foot, but these grew on me.
These are called the Georina and are only 69.99.
Perfect lace up boots for fall. These are also from Baker's and were $159 but are now $89.99. Can't decide between black or brown. Both are good for any occasion.
For the Rockabilly in me I purchased this crazy Iron Fist heel. It was only $44 and it's from one of my favorite websites,
How fun are these?! Don't know if I would ever wear them but I love how bold they are.
This is definitely a heel that must be paired with a beautiful fit, or maybe just a simple black dress. The shoe can basically dress the whole outfit up. Love these, glad I bought them before they sold out!
A good peep toe/patent leather shoe is a staple in the closet.

Where do you always go to replenish your high heel stock?
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