Monday, November 29, 2010

Look back: Blink-182

While cleaning out my closet last night I came across all my old Blink-182 posters. When I say these brought back so many memories, I mean it. I giggled because my dad was always upset to see 3 grown men in underwear plastered on my wall. I think that was part of their promotion for "Enema of the state". They were always naked! But that's not why we loved Blink-182, we loved them because they were genuine and fun. Sometimes music, especially rock music, can be so serious. Blink-182 brought the innocence of having fun back into music for me. They were so natural, nothing was forced. Blink's sound was also a representation of California pop-punk. There is no sound like it, it contains so many sense memories for me.The boys also weren't just here for laughs they had a good amount of substance songs. Their audience changed moods with them just as they did. "Adam's Song" was released after "What's my age again" and "All the small things" and it was just as amazing. Same with"Stay together for the kids". Those songs pushed me through low slumps in my life. I didn't comprehend them as much when I was 13, but they still spoke to me. It was the freedom and fight in Blink that made me love them. They would change for no one.Everything was on their terms. There's nothing more punk than that.

                                 When they broke up, I was devastated. There was definitely a
 void in popular music. The causes of the separation are a bit fuzzy. Many rumors are connected to Tom DeLonge feeling creative differences with Mark and Travis. All three have a special place in my heart so it doesn't matter what happened. Many of us from this generation can say that Blink's music worked as a soundtrack to bored, angst ridden suburban teens. They sang what we felt. More importantly the band is BACK together and are currently recording their sixth studio album. Right now the band is doing a short tour in the UK but you can bet that when they hit a tour back home I'll be there!
here are some of my faves...enjoy a trip down memory lane.

remember "making the video"? Those were the days!

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