Monday, November 22, 2010

SNAPSHOTS: James Dean x Natalie Wood

James Dean is my hero. I'm sure I share that statement with millions of people around the world. I empathized with James Dean in a way that I had never done before with a film star. James Dean's hero was Marlon Brando (whom I also adore) but I discovered Dean first. I had no knowledge that he wanted to be what Brando was so my first memory of him was a milestone for me. It made me fall in love with his era.He quickly became a demi-god to me, along with he rest of the golden age of Hollywood. His very being seems mythical, like he was never here. Was he real? Or is he just a legend? I wonder that sometimes. That's what I love about old Hollywood. You can't capture that same magic today.I collect coffee table books that capture images of various stars from those days. The glossy pages carry many stunning shots but I always find the candid photos much more interesting. I believe I like this because you so rarely see them enjoying themselves, drinking a coke ( doing humanizing things) or just letting go.These are some of my favorite candid stills from Rebel without a Cause. I love them because you can feel the chemistry between Natalie Wood and Dean. They got along together just like a pair of kids. Just like I do with some of my really good male friends. The humanizing side of James Dean is something that you just don't see. Maybe because he was an introvert, he kept to himself and refused to change for anyone but himself. He was very selective about the people he befriended, Dean wasn't an easy person to reach (I think we have this in common to an extent). In these photos and the video below I see someone completely different.

Natalie Wood and James Dean

Natalie Wood and James Dean

James Dean & Natalie Wood
This is my favorite.
 Below is a video with some outtakes of Rebel without a Cause. I posted it because the interaction between the three is very youthful and fun. It reminds you of what its like to be young. Even when you are young you become lost in the struggle to make your future that you forget what its like in the process.My favorite part of the video is towards the end when Natalie accidentally burns Dean with her cigarette.After he whines about it she kissed it to make it better :)

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