Friday, January 7, 2011

Why we love...

How many of us would love a Xmas present like this? Yeah, I thought so. Besides being one the most hunky promising stars of our generation there are many other reasons why I carry a soft spot for Ryan Gosling in my heart. Let me count the ways:

1. The Notebook
Nuff' said. Ryan is the reason many men can't stand him yet respect him. He single handedly showed you how to love a girl in this film and had many of us turning to our boyfriends and shaking our heads. Tisk tisk, take notes fellas.

Rachel McAdams on Ryan's acting via ELLE:
"He never does the same thing twice. He's very brave. I don't think he sees the point unless he can find out what he's made of every time," she says. "He just doesn't back off. He goes into everything from that place."

"I mean, God bless , it introduced me to one of the great loves of my life. But people do Rachel and me a disservice by assuming we were anything like the people in that movie. Rachel and my love story is a hell of a lot more romantic than that.The only thing I remember is we both went down swingin' and we called it a draw."-Ryan Gosling, GQ

2. He adores Disneyland
Is that a 'happy birthday Ryan pin'? A Disneyland photo ride folder?! Ahhh LOVE.
If the man I date doesn't love Disneyland as much as I's definitely a deal breaker. That's just how it goes. 'The Happiest Place on Earth' happens to be Ryan Gosling's sanctuary. It's a place he frequents, many times alone. He appreciates the wonderment, the magic and everything Walt Disney wanted Disneyland to stand for. Umm...where can I get one of these?

"I loved the idea that Walt Disney had this dream of a place and then made it a reality,the fact that somebody believed in their idea so much to make it a reality... I want to be that kind of person."-Ryan Gosling, GQ
 3. He can sangggg
Little known fact unless you were an avid viewer of the Mickey Mouse Club.
This kid has talent shooting out of his fingernails.Why he hasn't already had an album out I don't know, but he definitely has the talent for it.
I can't believe how crazy we all used to go for this, I've come a long way. Anyway I've heard Ryan sing since then during press junkets, but nothing serious.Singer or actor...I adore you!

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