Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Dream Room

You could say my room isn't the most jazzed up bedroom ever and I'll admit most of that is my fault. But I've been thinking lately about what I want my room to look like, or what theme I want my room to have and I've come u with one spectacular idea. 80's Theme. I love everything that has to do with 80's, so why wouldn't I want the coziest room ever on earth?

Movie Posters

I thought I'd start off with Ferris Bueller's Day Off because my sister Tia and I were at Borders last night and we saw this poster and Tia reminded me that I did want an 80's themed room but I told her not to buy it for me at that time because I didn't want to know what I got for Christmas.

 Next I thought I'd go with my favorite movie of all time. The Breakfast Club is a classic movie every teenager can relate to this movie in some sort of way when they watch it so it's no surprise that I love it so much, or that my sister Tia and I've watched it so many times we know just about every word in the movie.
 Detroit Rock City started up my love for KISS and I think that's why I this movie is so appealing to me. It has a great soundtrack and the actors in it mesh so well together. I know this movie was not filmed in the 80's but the setting was in 1978 so I thought it'd only be fitting to put this poster up in my room also.
 I don't think anybody could deny this movie. It is so cute and Duckie is just the best friend any girl could ask for he's funny, cute, protective, stylish, and did I mention the boy is cute. Everybody has their own cute style in this movie and they are all completely different.
 I started to watch this movie because I saw that Robert Downey Jr. was in it, but after watching the movie for about 30 to 45 minutes I realized he wasn't going to be in the movie as much as I had hoped but that was fine for me because the movie turned out to be really interesting to me, plus every now and then I got a glimpse at cute little Mr. Downey Jr. Plus I love Anthony Michael Hall in John Hughes' movies.

 Again another teenage classic. I don't think I could live without this movie too. It definitely helped sculpt me into the type of girl I am today. You can't help but fall in love with Molly Ringwalds' character in the movie, she has the typical teenage insecurities and on top of that her parents forget her birthday, but in the end she gets her dream boy and it makes you feel all warm inside.

Music Posters
Madonna is the definition of the 1980's to me. She has great style, she can sing, she can dance, and she just has that sassy personality that I can't resist. I could listen to Madonna 24/7 and I would never get tired of her. If I could pull it off I think I would dress the exact same way she did when her Like A Virgin album debuted, 1. I know I can't pull it off
2. I have zero style
Now my beloved Beastie Boys! Their music puts me in the best mood ever. They are hilarious and extremely creative. If I'm in a bad mood I can just blast them and they'll have me cracking up for days. So how could I go without putting them on my wall?
How could I not choose a plaid bedspread? I mean it kind of goes into the 90's I guess but it just fits me so perfectly and plaid seems really cozy to me. That's all I've got so far on my idea of my dream room, hopefully it'll turn into a reality.


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