Tuesday, November 9, 2010

At the drive-in: Our top anticipated films. Part 2

So to add on to my sisters lovely and ginormously long blog pot I just had to add two more movies that I am just dying to see.

OK so to start off with this movie I just have to say how much I love Jake Gyllenhaal. I mean seriously who doesn't love this guy. The first time I saw him in The Bubble he just stole my heart and he has just blown me away with his performances in every movie of his that I've seen so I already have a feeling that this movie is going to be phenomenal because not only is it Jake Gyllenhaal but also Anne Hathaway. In my opinion Anne Hathaway is an amazing actress and she is just so cute, but with a hint of sass. The perfect combination.

Now this movie seems like it's going to be a blast to watch, not only does it have Zach Galifinakis but it also has Emma Roberts in it. When I was little one of my favorite things to do was turn on the TV, change the channel to Nickelodeon and watch Unfabulous. Unfabulous was a cute show about a preteen who went through the typical drama of growing up, it was one of my favorite shows and I kind of wish they would show it  on TV still. Plus she gets extra points in my book for being Julia Robert's neice, and she's only 19.  So I think she's on the right path.

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