Monday, November 28, 2011

HOT ITEM: Daydreamer LA "Zombie" sweater

I'm more than a little late for Halloween, but who cares!
I initially purchased this sweater by Daydreamer LA to speak out on how I felt 24/7. I know i'm such a drama queen, but it also turned out to be a witty Halloween costume.
No one could ask me what I was for Halloween because my sweater said it all.
When this photo was taken, I was actually at an Old Hollywood party. You can't really tell in the picture but I was decked out in victory rolls and all. Towards the end of the night I got a little chilly and tired and didn't want to ruin my BCBG chiffon top. The only cover I had was this sweater and it was a hit!
Anytime I've worn this item it's been the talk of the night. People either think it's hilarious, fun or straight up offensive. Fashion is freedom of expression, it isn't supposed to be tamed or make others feel comfortable. With that said this item did its job and displayed my sassy sarcasm perfectly.
To cop one for yourself click here

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