Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Marvel Partnership

Two uncanny, limitless companies are now one: Marvel and Disney. It has been this way for awhile and for many Marvel/Disney fanatics this is not anything new. On August 31st, 2009 Disney announced they were buying Marvel for FOUR BILLION DOLLARS. After 70 years of strong creative independence, Stan Lee had no hesitation in this agreement. Would you? Would any of us?! Disney and Marvel are almost one in the same and a merge like this was long overdue. Stan Lee, like Walt Disney is responsible for creating multiple realms and mythology that are internationally cherished. I myself have always been enamored with Marvel comics since I was a child. My father and I would sit and read them together. It was our culture and is still largely responsible for our consistant bonding. As large of a geek that I've evolved into over the years I still haven't managed to become familiar with all of Lee's 5,000 established characters. This no doubt will benefit Disney to reach a span of audiences that have proven difficult to entertain (young males, teens, adults, audiences of all demographics). Unfortunately there are some conflicts in paradise:

However, many of Marvel’s best-known characters already have contractual obligations to various rival media conglomerates that will not be easily or quickly undone. Sony has an indefinite hold on Spider-Man; News Corporation exerts similar control over the X-Men. Universal owns distribution rights to the Hulk and long-term theme-park rights in Florida to several characters. This is a pity, because Disney’s theme parks are a part of its business where teenage boys would particularly welcome the contrast that Marvel’s superheroes would provide to the Magic Kingdom’s oppressive wholesomeness.
Despite this con the entire conglomerate proves to provide for more benefits. Disney now has crossed an infinite bridge and Stan Lee has achieved the dream of turning Marvel into the beautiful multimedia company he's always wanted. I've said this many times before, there aren't many modern gems who resemble Walt Disney, only Stan Lee comes close. I only hope that one day he and his work will be just as celebrated as Walt's legacy. With the success of "The Avengers", I'd say his legacy has already been met...

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