Friday, June 8, 2012

Snapshots: This month in pictures

My lack of posting has irritated me so much. Time is spread thin for me, which is nothing new. Not having Internet access is what is really hindering it all.
I'm in the middle of trying to buy my first house on my own, work is accelerating, I'm mapping my business plan out, dance will be hell for months and I've been sick on and off with strep throat and tonsilitis. Life has been pure madness, but I'm not complaining. There's a wave of security and new found confidence I'm feeling. This makes me proud because the epicenter of this feeling comes from MYSELF. I'm independent in what I do and how I support MYSELF.
When it comes down to the raw truth, I am in control of my happiness and life decisions. Knowing this has made a world of a difference in my attitude. I'm excited for what's to come because I feel this HELL phase dying off. My Dad said it best: "2012 is going to be something to remember. The past is the past and it's over. The chance to have each day to move forward is already a victory."
With that being said I wanted to update you on life with some of my favorite pictures from this last month.

This morning was a big deal for me professionally. You will hear about it in the next coming months. For now, lips are sealed! Needless to say, I thought I was cute with my red lipstick, Buddy Holly glasses and Primark vintage car printer top. Lo and behold this gnarly bruise on my shoulder.

It was the other Twisted Sisterz' Prom day followed by Graduation She looked gorgeoussss! Drop dead. I've been so proud to see her reach her milestones.

I began custom making shorts, vests and jackets with an assortment of studs, patchwork and paint. These were my first cone studded, high waisted Jean shorts! I'm so stoked over how they turned and I dare anyone to tell me not to wear them all year.
There's more pictures to post, but I'm shooting towards saving them for specialized posts.
Till then xoxo Guys and Dolls.


  1. Will you be making any baby boy clothes by chance with studs, patchwork and paint?

    1. Alli I just saw this!lmao...if u want me to, i will!