Monday, October 18, 2010

Perez Hilton: The bully of all media

  In the days of blogs and celebrity obsession, Perez Hilton has sure capitalized on both. While some may say that is a problem, it isn't the particular dilemma I plan to address. Perez has shot to stardom because of his ability to bully and tease people. Not just people, but celebrities. Ok, ok, I know that these people planned on being in the limelight and it comes with the territory; but not like this. I have never seen a person speak differently or so admiringly about the very crowd of victims he breaks down on a daily basis. This goes far beyond the phallic symbols painted on their chins or the devil horns drawn on their heads. No, this has to do with words. It's not as simple as sticks and stones. Words hurt, sometimes more than fists. The sting of the reasoning or meaning behind words is something that can travel with someone forever. It is essentially pollution. If Perez were a Professor of verbal heckling he'd be the Dean of the University and author of all the textbooks. What really peeves me is his blind hypocrisy. Perez himself is a homosexual yet he repeatedly uses harmful language like "Fag" ( which he called Will. i. am. during an interrogation) and brands some actors and models for having "gayface" (whatever the heck that is). He also sees no harm in "outing" some closet celebrities. For this reason his website and his behavior exhibit traits of a gay with hunt. I remember his early rants about Clay Aiken and the more recent bullying of Ricky Martin. He was also the one of the reasons Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris have announced their orientations. He claims that dragging people out of the closet screaming is one leap forward for gay rights. What?! Are you kidding me? I do believe it is ok to discuss OPEN hollywood gay couples just like others do heterosexuals; but the line is drawn for closet couples.Out of respect and privacy this should be honored. I do understand Perez doesn't live by this code.  For someone who is gay himself he sure lacks genuine empathy for gay hollywood. He does however empathize with numerous gay teens who have commited suicide due to bullying. His website contains regular posts stating "it gets better" testimonies from various celebrities. Here's where I'm confused...Perez is a bully himself. Right? But then he turns right around and plays activist/ motivational speaker. He's playing both sides of the pot and his fake optimism isn't believable when I'm sure he has been the source/bully of many celebrity's agony.

   With this said, Perez has posted a recent video stating that he realizes that many people think this of him and he is tired of defending his work because he isn't "that person". Perez stated that he won't be completely nice if he doesn't like someone but he definitely won't be the problem anymore. One can only hope this is true. I've never seen gossip writers/bloggers kick people when they're down like he does. Lindsay Lohan has been the laughing stock of his blog, even though her battle with substance abuse is no joke.He also has published books and in one chapter predicts the not so bright futures of celebrity spawn. Celebrity's children! You do not bring a 2 year old into your low world and tease that they will be heroin addicts like their mother. That is where you must draw the line and make the right decision for the sake of being ethical. So, here's hoping you keep your promise Perez. It's not about website traffic or controversy, it's about respect. It's about consideration and it's about decency. You may have been shot to fame because of your malicious tongue but what have you really contributed? What will you be remembered for? Good luck on your new positive path and thank you for realizing your faults.

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