Sunday, April 3, 2011


People who are often interested in vintage culture (1940s-1950s) always ask us to recommend great films from that era to them. They know the basic stars like Marilyn, Dean and Hepburn but want to gain some variety in their film collection. This is hard for us to shoot to anyone in 5 minutes. We love this era so much that we could spend years studying it and living it. Because of the overloading requests for film analysis and recommendations we decided that we now will do golden era film reviews. How frequent? We have no idea, we'll try it out and see where it goes. This era was overflowing with gorgeous and uncanny talent. Many don't appreciate the beauty of these films because they are old, black & white etc. Expand your horizons! The simple fact that technology wasn't advanced during this era makes me bow down in awe! For what they lacked in aesthetic capability ( special effects) they made up for in bravado, script, talent and casting. Here we go rambling...
On this week's Marquee:


 Tony Curtis

Jack Lemmon
of course...

Marilyn Monroe

Keep your eyes peeled for the post!
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