Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ON THAT NEW NEW: Dimepiece Designs x Cassie

I've actually been really excited for the debut of this. I'm not too crazy for Cassie, but I do think she is an excellent model. This is also a promotion for her new album "Electro Love". I usually root for the underdog and in this case that isssss Cassie. She didnt do so well performing and promoting her self titled debut (i.e. the 106 & Park performance). But hey, if Rihanna can do it Cassie certainly can! Both have small yet distinct voices,a major mogul behind them, shaved heads, low dancing skill, but are gorgeous and can dress for days. However, I do live for Dimepiece! I most definitely will be copping a few of the fall/winter tanks and sweaters. Here are some of my faves out of the collection:

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