Sunday, February 13, 2011

Twisted Sisterz: UPDATE

Hey guys & dolls!
It's been awhile since Kenya and I have consistently updated or even collaborated anything.
We've been so busy making the next moves in our lives and careers that it has been really hard to keep up on the blog. To make matters more difficult our internet access at home completely malfunctioned. Yesterday we had a technician come to our home and set up WiFi and rest our connection. I was completely ecstatic to hear that we now have WiFi because all my main work is on my laptop. But of course, that is malfunctioning too! Already! Some handyman we have!
Anyway, many things have begun to take place in our worlds and we couldn't be more excited for them!

As I previously informed all of you, I was in the middle of the interview process for a new internship. The agony of waiting was killing me. I felt vulnerable by not having a clue of what to expect or how the company perceived me. The afterglow of graduating from college dims quite quickly so I was ready to get on the horse and start working towards my goals. To my suprise, I got the job!
I am now an intern for ABC7 in San Francisco!
To be more precise, I work for the ABC7 show "7Live".
It's a great show that incorporates a live audience and cover news, social media,pop culture and politics all in one hour. "7Live" is really a rare gem, you don't see many shows like this around these days, especially in the bay area. When I saw how the show was conducted and how it covered more than just local news and sensationalism I had to be apart of it.

The ABC SF studios! Walking through this door everyday gives me chills and smiles!

7Live studio and part of the audience. It was Catholic School week and on this particular day the lovely ladies of Carondelet Catholic High School filled our seats. I was so impressed by their poise and intelligence. They made me feel confident and proud of the youth today. Meeting them was so refreshing!

I see Oprah everyday when I get off the elevator! 'Sup O!

The huge award cabinet!

Taking the ferry to the Embarcadero relieves the stress of driving an hour into the city and saves my wallet the cost of gas, toll and parking. SF is crazy for having RE-DONK-ULOUS parking fees. $30 bucks to park all day?! No thanks, I'll take the round trip ferry for $24!

I'm really glad that I'm no longer commuting into SF to get to ABC. ABC is located right up from the Embarcadero. It takes only two blocks to get there. If I only drove I would never get to appreciate the aura and beauty of San Fran like I've been doing now.
art by Niagara
So, there you have it. ABC is now consuming my life along with dance and work. Who needs a personal life?! ;) I'm sure I'll squeeze that in.
Kenya and I have also been planning a new layout for our blog. The current threads on the blog just don't fit us aesthetically as a whole. Hopefully that'll be up soon, we want to keep it classy and daring, just like a real femme fatale. Once that's done our blog will be more of a cohesive piece. Things have been going so great with many opportunities falling in. There's no telling what we will both grow into within the next few months, all I can say is there's no limit! Thank you guys for following us and continuing to visit our site. We know you're coming in because our hits have been hiking up vastly! We appreciate your interest and support and hope that you'll continue to stick around for the ride as we sharpen our voices.

Anything else you notice? Oh yes! I now have Bettie bangs! At first I wasn't too fond of them but I've honestly fallen head over heels with the way they compliment each look and outfit! These babies may have to stick around for alot longer than I intended.
 Everything seems to be on the up! Hope everything is going great for you all as well!

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