Sunday, October 9, 2011

.: Family First:.

This weekend Kenya & I went to visit our cousin Phillip at his wrestling tournament in Modesto.
I've always been a huge family person and have been feeling the lack of that presence in my life as of late.
So when the opportunity came to support him (he's 4th in the state), I jumped to it. What's an hour and 40 minute drive?
Since my tornado of unfortunate events this summer, I've really been taking any opportunity I can to discover myself on my own. A good chunk of this process has meant establishing my relationships with different people or people I already have a bond with. I've known Phillip all 19 years of his life but after moving from Southern California at 15 my bonds with my extended family took a backseat.
Spending time with him last night was probably one of the most memorable times of this year.
I'm so proud of what he has done for himself as a young man and even the person that he has grown in to.
Phillip is literally the most stand up person I know.
I know this sounds like a random blog post...It is!
But when you are mirrored and loved by someone who holds the same degree of loyalty,individuality and values as you after living with strangers; the feeling can only be described as a blood transfusion.
God makes fate happen and its a crazy thing.
My outlook on everything these last two weeks has changed tremendously.
x I want to continue to stay optimistuc through and through.
And when I say optimistic I do not mean an artificial optimism.
You know the kind that people use to cover up the dirt and the struggle...THE TRUTH?!
Yeah, no, not for me. I'll confront my truths but in a positive way, as in they won't last and I'll make it.
Just pure optimism and tenacity.
x I want to continue to be freakishly loyal to those that I love and have great experiences with them.
Even if this means avoiding getting lost in the daily hustle.
x being there for my family
x and lastly...just living! That's all you can do!
Such a refreshing weekend! Looking forward to more!

My wardrobe in this shot: Polka dot romper: Material Girl
Belt: BCBG Max Azria

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