Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Cards Never Lie...

Recent Past: Queen of Cups
A woman capable of deep romantic love. A passionate woman in the creative arts. A woman who leads first with her heart and then her head. Love for one's mate and children Sense of protectiveness for friends and loved ones. Dedication. A woman in search of a long-term commitment. An attractive woman. Creative arts and alchemy. A loyal woman on your side.
A few days ago, I had a buddy of mine pull cards from her Christian Tarot Deck. Nothing serious, it was just for kicks. She had me ask a question I desired the answer to in my mind. Three cards are dealt representing the past, present and situations. Out of respect for my personal life I'll withhold the present and future situations. Since the past is the past, I felt comfortable sharing this. How crazy is this card meaning? I've been telling my Dad it's crazy how sure of myself I always was, now not so much. I just operate on auto-pilot and keep in mind what that beautiful woman in the past would've done. The Queen of Cups was just a subtle reminder of how pure and bright eyed I was. There's something very authentic and rare about that. I'm just proud that my sense of self was set on a strong foundation, one that was built by my own hand. I'm proud to say, this was me my whole life. This is how I know that "the woman who leads first with her heart, then with her head", isn't gone. No, she's still there underneath the rubble, moving on brick by brick.

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