Thursday, November 5, 2009


In regards to Michael "Deadbeat" Lohan's leaked messages Linds had this to say via twitter:
"My father's such a loser & those recordings are from years ago. To release personal things is foul enough, but to edit them. I used to think that he needed the book for dummies on learning how to be a father. Haha- he needs the book for dummies on HOW TO BE A MAN. Thank you to my fans for all of your support I luv you all so much! And I'm lucky to have great family & friends THAT ARE in my life & are positive influences! So much going on in the world, let's focus on putting our energy into the RIGHT things :) … Love you all."

There you have it.
Michael Lohan is an asshole.
A girl who has daddy issues is a walking time bomb (I should know)
Lindsay , I pray for better days for you. They will come :) I truly feel you can come back from this low period full force. Just keep pushing.

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