Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan’s Desperate Cry For Help – Hear Her Dramatic Call! |

I'll admit it, I am a sort of a huge closeted Lindsay Lohan fan. But recently I've been a little weary to admit it. The girl needs help and what she doesn't need is all this scrutiny and flack. So what, she'd having a hard time, who else hasn't gone through a dark period. When has it ever been right to ostracize and verbally slander someone when they are most vulnerable? Vulnerable in front of the whole world at that.  We've seen this same situation with other stars and talents. They shine so brightly in the beginning only to be spit out by hollywood in the end. What she doesn't need is her father leaking sob filled voice messages left by her. All her sh*t is out on display. Michael says this will prove that he has talked to Lindsay and that she does need the help her and mother refuse to get her. In this chilling and pitiful message we get a glimpse of her side and the torture.

This is wrong on so many levels of Michael Lohan to do. If you want to help THEN HELP! DON'T AIR DIRTY LAUNDRY TO FEED YOUR APPETITE FOR FAME WHORING!

note: I actually felt compelled to pull the link off my blog. People's lives are not entertainment, nor will I condone the douchery that is Michael Lohan. I just won't. If you want to hear it I'm sure Perez "hypocrite" Hilton has it posted. I can guarantee that he now feels sorry for her and is sympathetic. I give it a month before he's back to calling her "Lindsanity" or "LOLhan". There are more important things to be concerned about.

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