Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quick & cheap accessory finds!

Just a quick post to end the day! I hit up Charlotte Russe to replenish some of my accessory stock and was not disappointed at all! There were plenty of deals and and really great items to choose from. I couldn't have prayed for a better deal for my credit card. My absolute favorite was this pyramid studded headband which was only $2.
Charlotte Russe carries alot of vintage inspired jewelry. I'm always complimented on the earrings I purchase from here. So when I spotted these tri rose/gem earrings I squealed and immediately snatched them!
  Snake rhinestone encrusted earrings. A steal for $3! I've been really inspired by Cleopatra lately so this will go perfect with any Egyptian-esque ensembles.
I live for this ring! It's a little hard to see the detail but it is a golden peacock with blue and orange feathers. This I purchased from another store but it was an absolute must have for me. Like the snake earrings this runs in the category of  Egyptian/Cleopatra inspired fashion.
An amazing day of shopping with little damage to my wallet! On average accessories can cause major damage for no reason! Shop smart because these tiny details are supposed to enhance your look not be the  look! I'd rather pay more for my clothing than for jewelry I'll wear every so often. There's nothing like precious yet timeless pieces from an actual jeweler or Tiffany's, but for a quick fit cheap is the way for me.

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