Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Distillers...May you rest in peace

When The Distillers broke up years ago I did not anticipate just how much I'd miss them.
Thank god Brody is still slaying away on her guitar, rock needs more women like her. Unfortunately and fortunately she is currently playing with her new band Spinnerette, along with former Distillers' guitarist Tony Bevilacqua. Since the disbandment of The Distillers, Brody Dalle has changed her tune. She no longer uses the scruff edgy voice that aided each guitar heavy track. Her edge is still there and still rock but she no longer sounds as agressive. I admired her and the band during my adolescence and envied Brody's guts (I once read she was a former bouncer). She could take to both the stage and the guitar with all the gusto in the world.

Like Hole and the many extraordinary women who came before her, Brody could hold her own in any surrounding. Dalle was both tough as nails yet beautiful, tomboy and feminine. I never thought that I could love rock n'roll that was completely full of chaos and havoc but from the moment I viewed "The Young and Crazed Peeling" I was hooked. I could hear Brody's words and the band's lyrics and felt them. Artists like this are hard to come by these days. I believe they exist but aren't being picked up because they believe we don't want to see this. FALSE. The world is itching for authenticity and born talent. If we choose born talent over manufactured the versatility in music may just come back.

'they say women cant play guitar as well as men, i dont play my guitar with my fucking vagina, so what difference does it make?'- Brody Dalle

Spinnerette is a great band but if I could have another Distillers album I would vow to listen to that for as long as possible.

...and my favorite, "City of Angels". This song is a true sentiment of the beast of Los Angeles

"Look around ain't no R.I.P. signs here

We don't rest in peace
We just disappear...They say this is the city

The city of angels
All I see is dead wings"

...and Brody in Spinnerette's latest, "Ghetto Love"


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