Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love is in the air...Valentine's is near!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner!
Yup! That's right, whether you are ready or not.
For some folks, Vday is a beautiful opportunity to go the extra mile and celebrate love. For others, it is the bane of their existence. Well I'm here to tell all my readers that there are more ways to enjoy Valentines Day when you are single. As odd as it may sound your "love" doesn't have to be an actual love interest.
Kenya (my sister) is my best friend and I would love to treat her for a fun day of adventure. Especially since we both don't have the time to hang out like we used to.
On the other hand, there are also many garments,gifts and activities you can partake in around the bay with your love interest.

I would fall in love with whoever bought me these Agent Provacateur stockings!
Anything with seams in the back are considered hot to me but these have a little kick to them. Check out the cheeky wording, "eat me, tease me, whip me". Fellas take note, these are sure to get you in good with your lady.
Purchase them here
Lingerie is a key component of Vday if you've got that special someone. Men can purchase it for their sweetheart and ladies can entice their men this sexy suprise. Ladies, I think we owe it to them to spice it up a bit every once in awhile. I'm sure they love you just as much with no makeup, hair pulled back with sweats on but, a little vampyness in the bedroom couldn't hurt. Take a tip from Dita dolls!

Frederick's of Hollywood

A product thumbnail of Pleated Mesh Teddy
This pleated mesh teddy is huge attention getter as well as a possible staple in your everyday closet. You can pull inspiration from Madonna and turn lingerie into a killer ensemble. Although this is pictured with fishnets I wouldn't recommend going in that direction. It's a bit tawdry and tacky. Regular black stockings with or without seams would be perfectly fine.
A product thumbnail of Caged Corset Teddy
If you desire a K.O. in the boudoir, I'd recommend this caged corset teddy. The structure of this caged, strappy bottom is designed to both lift and disguise any insecurities or imperfections on your tush. I adore the burlesque touch of these.
 A product thumbnail of Crotchless Caged Coquette Panty
Or go topless and choose the Coquette panty
A product thumbnail of Beaded Lace Halter Teddy
If being a vixen is too much for you, here's a more sweet piece. The pink beaded lace adds a
beautiful and delicate touch. Although you can call it delicate it still executes its purpose as enticing lingerie.


Stephanee Bra & Waspie
Delilah Bra & Waspie
There's not enough that I could say about Agent Provocateur,  I love them and sometimes go a bit credit card happy on their website. However if you want classic and unique pieces in your lingerie drawer Agent Provocateur is the place to get them. No matter what you desire, you can bet that they have it all.
Click here to visit the site and spice up your closet!

What's a romantic event without Victoria's Secret?
If you're looking for both affordable yet exquisite lingerie Victoria's Secret is your friend.
This maid costume may take you the extra mile on February 14th. It's a bit more sensual
than the typical maid costume you'd find everywhere else. The extra lace on the apron boosts the level of fantasy. I'm sure if you choose this ensemble you may never hear enough 'thank yous' from your man.
Babydoll anyone?
or a little bit of Jessica Rabbit?

Let's just say all of these delectable and SEXY
lingerie will have all attention on you once he steps through the door.

 There's nothing that captures hearts like food. You can be as vamped up as you wanna
be, but delicious food + lingerie = fireworks.
Cooking isn't only for the dolls...fellas your lady would love to be woo'd by your chef skills as well.
Either you can cook for each other or have a blast creating an edible work of art together. As I said above this can be done with anyone really. It doesn't take a lover to have a good time. Platonic friends and family are just as good company.
(by Cake boutique (Claire))

Nothing is sweeter than actual desserts. Cupcakes are my favorite dessert. Theyre so versatile, petite and personal. I never am able to finish a whole cake before it goes bad. Which is why in my house we primarily divulge in the goodness of cupcakes.
(by Natalie O’Dowd)


Pasta is my favorite. When it comes to dieting, pasta always ends up being my cheat item. I love to get down on anything with noodles whether it be penne,farfalle, fetuccine or my favorite, rotini. 
No entree is as sensual and rich as pasta on Valentine's day.

There's a few things going on in the Bay Area just for you on Vday.
Check them out if you're out of ideas.
The California Sunset Valentine's Cruise
This cruise includes a live band, appetizers and beverages as gives you a breathtaking view of the nightime city skyline. Tickets are $54 per person and the cruise takes off on the following days: Feb 11th,12th and 13th. The boat takes off from 5:30p.m. -7:30p.m. at Pier 431/2 at Fisherman's Wharf in SF.
Reserve your space: 415-673-2900

Woo at the Zoo
(San Francisco Zoo)
Try something different with your love, a friend or family member.
"Woo at the Zoo" Annual Valentine's Event at the San Francisco Zoo
Saturday, Feb 12 6:00p to 9:00p
at San Francisco Zoo: The Bernard Osher Great Hall, San Francisco Zoo, San Francisco, CA
“Woo at the Zoo” be you Penguin, Primate or Possum…you are cordially invited to celebrate what has been hailed year after year as a roaring good time! San Francisco Zoo original Annual Sex Tour/Woo at the Zoo with Jane Tollini. Don’t miss this exciting slide show presentation full of wild animal factoids, new positions, kinky information… literally the ins & out, ups & downs of animal mating, all animals A to Z including U.

Price: $60.00-$75.00

Phone: (415) 753-7236 (415) 753-7236

Age Suitability: 21 and up
“Woo at the Zoo” features a romantic brunch or a romantic dinner, details on the website. Reservations are required as this “sense”ational event sells out each year. Book online at

Brunch Prices: $60 members $65 non-members

Dinner Event: $70 members $75 non-members

Fee also includes Zoo Admission Tickets & 2 Drink Tickets (evening events include parking)
Info: per

Or keep it simple and go out to the Drive-In!

Or chill in your friends basement and indulge

lmao, I think we can all take a lesson from these kids
Whatever you choose to do during that time remember never to get down on yourself if you are single.
I promise you that there isenough love in the world to go around without having a relationship. Who knows? You may be happier that way. And guys & dolls if you do have a "someone" make sure they are special and deserving your time and thoughts. If not, you may be better off spending time with those who genuinely love you. I wish the best for you all on Vday!

January 14, 1954 the couple said “I do” in a judge’s chambers at San Francisco City Hall. The Ceremony: A blind date at Hollywood’s Villa Nova Restaurant eventually led to the couple’s date with destiny, and over one hundred paparazzi lurked outside the chambers of Judge Charles Peery on that January afternoon, waiting to capture the first images of the sex symbol and “Joltin’ Joe” as husband and wife. Only six witnesses, including the groom’s brother, were present at the nuptials.

Joltin’ Joe Di Maggio wedded the girl of his and many other men’s dreams yesterday afternoon in the San Francisco City Hall. Marilyn Monroe, who packs no mean jolt herself, said she was very happy. Di Maggio said he was also very happy. Also happy was the battery of columnists which has spent no little time in the past two years running down rumors that the two were already secretly married, were to be married, or were not speaking to each other. The time and place of the wedding was kept a closely guarded secret and only about 500 people managed to hear about it in time to turn the corridors outside Municipal Judge Charles S. Perry’s court into a madhouse. Judge Perry’s chambers were jammed with reporters and photographers when the couple arrived shortly after 1 P.M. They posed willingly for pictures and politely answered questions. “Are you excited, Marilyn?” “Oh, you KNOW it’s more than that,” she answered, giggling. “How many children are you going to have, Joe?” “We’ll have at least one. I’LL guarantee that,” said the slugger. When they came in Marilyn looked svelte in a dark brown broadcloth suit with an ermine collar, and Joe looked neat in a blue suit and a blue and white checked tie. By the time they finished kissing each other exhaustively for the photographers’ benefit, Marilyn’s blonde hair was in disarray, and most of her lipstick had been transferred to the ballplayer’s face.

- Joe Di Maggio Weds Marilyn Monroe at City Hall by Art Hoppe


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