Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Romeo & Juliet: First sight

Call me corny, call me sappy, but I love this song. Des'ree sings it perfectly and the emotion
that wells up inside me makes feel as though I have what she is singing about. "Kissing you" was apart
of the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack. How beautiful is this song while watching Leo DiCaprio?! It's like having brand new eyes. Ok, maybe not. But anyway soothe yourself and take a listen. This is the only song I could think of to post for Vday. It's completely timeless and classic and I hope to play this at my wedding someday. I know, I know...little girl dreams.
Hope you all had a day filled with affection.
Remember to shower those that you care about with love all year.
Love doesn't pop up once annually, it is consistent.

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