Saturday, July 23, 2011

I think this is called venting...

z asked by neekerzzz & rachweasley
Now, I'm a very out-spoken woman. You can bet I have alot to say. But it also takes me awhile to get to the point of no holds barred. I know that I am strong and courageous when it comes to expressing my feelings but I have a censor that prevents me from sometimes saying it exactly how I think it.
Remember I said its ok to be angry dolls? Well it is.
If you never respect your anger you can never expect to finish healing. Live in it temporarily...not forever.
Me being the classy girl I am I had to use a little bit of audio therapy to somewhat express what I've been thinking.
It's comical (in my eyes) yet true.

"Marvin's Room (Can't do better)"
JoJo, you get three snaps in a Z formation for this one!
Sad but true, this is how the scenario goes sometimes. And sometimes concrete things like this need to be said. It's all part of the process. Ladies you can love them but don't let them belittle you or make you feel like less of a woman. You are the prize and worth so much more. If they don't know now, they'll never know and if they learn it'll be too late.
In the mean time, give them one good kick in the ass and a neck roll then move on with dignity.


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