Friday, July 22, 2011

Real Talk with Vinny Vandalizm

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Photo by: Alejandro Perez
"At some point you have to stop playing hero. Some people cannot be saved from themselves and sometimes it is not your job to save them. I’d like to think the reason they cannot be saved is because they need to self-destruct to be reborn again. From the bottom you can only go up, just have faith they will find their way to the surface." - Jasmin Rodriguez a.k.a. Vintage Vandalizm

Couldn't have said it better Jasmin! This gorgeous lady above is a fellow blogger and friend of mine. I've never actually met her, but being an active fan of her work we've built an e-friendship within the last year. She has inspired me so much more than any megastar has, maybe that's because Jasmin is a megastar she just hasn't been exposed to the masses. Trust me, she'll get there :)
If you're looking for fashion, abstract/avant garde, creation, vintage and insight please explore her blog.
You will get lost in it and understand why this girl is one of a kind!

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