Monday, March 12, 2012

Twisted Rotation: Sum 41 "Does this look infected?"

The guitar riffs. The blazing rock n' roll attitude.
The sharp wit. Yes, all that with pop punk sprinkled on top.
For some reason, maybe it's the hellcat in me, I've been playing this album everyday.
Maybe it's all of the above things that make this album so magnetic to me.
Whatever it is, it's got me.
All I do in the car is play air guitar and air drums.
At work, I put my headphones in...and air guitar.
Sum 41's sophomore effort reeks of the idols and legends that influence them (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Beastie Boys, NOFX).
Some would say the album dims in commercial success in comparison to its elder, All Killer No Filler.
This may be true, but if you're really curious about the quality, I assure you it was amped up.
Does this look infected? is no doubt harder, edgier and darker.
Never would I have coined myself a Sum 41 fan (I know, I'm so late). That was until I gave a chance to their follow up albums.
If you crave more edge served with the pop punk our generation grew up with you'll eat this up.
Music has definitely been something I latch my feelings on to, especially in these times.
I'd definitely say my attitude these days is on the up and up, I'm just more fed up.
People could really spare me with their righteousness in justifying their heartless behavior.
I guess it's true, there really are stages to growth.
This just happens to be where I am, and this punch of rock n' roll exemplifies it all.
Here's my favorite song from the album, it means so much:
Over My Head (Better off dead)


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