Thursday, December 16, 2010

2 fave film franchises, 2 let downs

Anyone seen the Transformers 3 trailer yet? I have and I'm not to happy with it. 
I won't lead you on with a large post. I hate it. I hate what I've seen thus far. Good news is...that is the first of many trailers and only a small portion of the film. So hopefully it gets better. Cool concept, robots on the moon. But ummm... Michael Bay... no Shia in the first peek of  Transformers 3? What were you thinking?! No Optimus Prime? What were you thinking?! The next trailer better be beefed up with LaBeouf, metal, cars, robots and explosions! Don't let us down. The most we are all hoping for is a decent storyline and character development this time around, is that asking too much? I think not.
Check out the trailer below:

 and finally...
What in the Kraken is this? It's going to take alot to win me over with this fourth installment. No Will Turner, no Elizabeth Swann, no Calypso/ Tia Dalma, no Flying Dutchman and no Davy Jones! Pretty much no characters that you've bonded with during the first 3 films! Captain Barbosa and  Captain Jack Sparrow are the last of the Mohicans in this film. I love those two characters and adore what Depp has done with Sparrow. I'm not sure if Cap'n Jack vs. a new nemesis ,Captain Blackbeard (blah), make a fourth Pirates film necessary. My advice, bring back Davy Jones and Will and now we're talking! No zombies please. I consider myself a loyal fan of this series, so I'll stick it out and tell ya'll what I think in May.

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