Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Graduation day

Hallelujah! Praise the heavens! I am finito! The feeling is surreal and I must admit that I almost succumbed to bursting into tears, but I contained myself. The most fulfilling feeling was seeing my mother proud. We made it! Her and I did it together. We roughed it out for the past 5 years as I changed majors 3 times and we saw the disenegration of our family. With our broken home came many financial dilemmas which caused me to break from college for a year. But I never gave up and neither did she. While my mother has been battling many problems with her identity as a single parent and woman she has never been selfish or uninspiring. That year she vowed to pull funds from her retirement if I promised to finish school. I agreed and despite the many fee hikes during the year she never complained and I trudged along. My mother's support drove me succeed. If at any time I failed or gave up it was a slap in her face. So here we are...accomplished. I carried my tuition myself this year but I couldn't have done it without my mother or the support of my sisters.

More pictures after the jump:

my family

lil miss Ashanti and I

my mom is so happy!

My mother's bf, Wenston and I

Imani,my younger sister. She looks so sophisticated!

thanks Brian for jumping in! fail!

My dress was by Betsey Johnson. I scored it for $50 on Vintage Vandalizm's online thrift shop. The embroidery is beautiful. As the day went on I fell more in love with this dress. The belt is by BCBG Max Azria.

this was during my little party later on in the evening. I changed out of my dress because I was burning up. Needless to say... everything was a blur! lol

Brian, the boys and I

The lovely Sabrina came by

My dance girlfriend, Justina popped in and made my night! love this girl!

Mel's with Gilda and Joshua

My sissy and my bro, Amrian and Brandon

Matt is always so silly

Big Gresha (Greg) came to support! Love him

my mom and all her laker's glory. lol

my dance sisters, Selina and Grecia
end of a fulfilling day! mission accomplished!



  1. I'm so proud of you :) We did it! -Karly

  2. Aww thanks Karly! I'm proud of you too doll! Hope you had a good holiday! :)