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Talk that talk: One on One

I've received a few emails,tweets and messages from readers asking me generally the same questions. After awhile it began to occur to me that while I somewhat share my personal experiences with you all, not much is know. I'm horrible about answering all of these. I get so caught up in my life. So after months and months of inquiries, we, your editor in chiefs decided it was time to conduct interviews to familiarize you all. So please feel free to get acquainted.

Twisted Sister: Tia
Writer, Dancer, Serial Laugher, Pin-up enthusiast, Aspiring Designer, Self proclaimed film historian, Comic Geek

1. How long have you been blogging?
For about 2 years now. It's been...interesting. Blogging is not as easy as people think.When bloggers/authors tell you to keep writing to develop your flow and your voice, it's true. There's a big difference in my writing from 2 years ago and now.
2. What do you usually prefer to write about?
Whatever intrigues me or whatever I feel must be said. I've always felt like I've had a very strong voice so I'm quite vocal about alot of my insights. Our generation is very priveledged but also very ignorant, so anything that counteracts that ignorance intrigues me. Lately my own life lessons have been on the marquee, they never used to. I always tried to look like other fashion/media blogs, but that isn't me. The blogs I love visiting most are written by people who take the time to share and put effort into what they create. I like to empathize with people, it makes me feel. So if I experience something that our generation shies away from, I say it. If I like something visually, I post it, whether it be vintage or new.
3. What/who are your inspirations?
My Mom and Dad of course. They raised me so obviously alot I do stems from them. My Dad actually inspired me to fall in love with comics and classic rock. My mother sparked my old Hollywood obsession. We watched Rosalind Russell's "Auntie Mame" when I was 8 and I became enamored. My parents inspired me to be inspired by others. Anything sparks me it seems: Tim Burton, Disney, The 7th letter crew (graffiti artists), The Addams Family, Elizabeth Taylor, macabre, Marvel, Grace Kelly, Madonna various time periods...literally anything.
4. What do you want people to take away from reading your blog?
I want them to take away the fact that you don't have to be like everyone else and that everyone goes through growing pains. We all go through growing pains, survive them and continue to live. And through living, the lessons we learn and the things we see can be beautiful. You don't have to put on a facade on Facebook/Twitter and showcase only glorious details of your life to seem a certain way. Our generation lives in a fake reality with these sites. You only see what a person allows you to, and that fucks with your brain after awhile. It does that to me. I always feel like I should be out doing the most and looking a certain way, when really I'm doing damn good. On my blog I can be me, I don't have to be 100% positive or funny or happy, I can be ME. Human nature is complex and Facebook doesn't touch that. So in short, I just want my readers to learn something new or identify with my experiences. You know? It helps to know that you're not the only 20 something woman with these interest, thoughts and battles. The 20s are no joke, full of hard knock lessons. Grab a glass of wine or some Jameson and scroll through our blog. It'll give you some hope and possibly some laughs.
More interview goodies inside!
5.You're attracted to retro periods of time, which era inspires you the most?

Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot
Oh this is an unfair question. Pretty much every period from the 40s & on. Well, except the 70s. The 50s is a huge favorite of mine. I love the way that women were handled by their men and depicted in society as far as delicate, classy and beautiful. When you were someone's girl, it had a thicker meaning. You were courted and a gentlman pulled out all his stops. Women treated themselves with more pride and value. You could see this in their daily appearance and I love that. A woman could be a fox everyday and wouldn't get looked down on for wanting to dress up.
It seems lately that I've taken to the 60s and 90s more.
Odd mixture, but I just kind of mash them up and make it work.
In the 60s women played on their dark features. The rage was thick volumized hair, heavy cat eye, some mascara, pink blush and a nude lip. I'll take that and mix it with a 90s wardrobe al la Kelly Bundy (combat boots, bandage skirts, leggings, plaids, jean jackets, leather and studs). Christina Applegate was a fashion icon! She's slept on.

“We come. We go. And in between we try to understand.”-Rod Steiger
6. Who is your hero?
Of course my family are my heroes. My family is incredibly sane, supportive and dysfuctional all at the same time. I call us the Hux-bornes (Huxtables & Osbournes).
Besides the obvious heroes, my first hero was James Dean. He was a misfit and completely antisocial. His angst was something I identified with all too much. I can be very distant when I'm around a crowd sometimes, very short with my words. Sometimes it's mistaken for attitude, but I'm not an openly trusting person and neither was Dean. He was very selective with whom he opened up to. My mouth could try to explain this all to you, but we'd have 4 pages worth of explanation. Everything he did and thought was complex to everyone but it makes sense to me. When I saw "Rebel Without A Cause" my heart was broken because I saw myself in him. Jimmy was an underdog, he hated the spotlight but felt the need for it and success. That's a hard place to be. He wasn't afraid of anything or anyone, literally. I don't think film has had another person like him; someone who wears their heart on their sleeve while still being a complete mystery.
7. Favorite fictional character?
  “Fight like you deserve to live.”
 Ultimately, I'd say Wolverine from X-Men. He's just a total badass with an amazing story.
8. Favorite icon & why?I'm not good at choosing. Since I have to...Madonna. Madonna because she consists of everything that inspires me. In every video she was a changeling. She does everything her way and that's it. She's unapolegetic about who she is but she doesn't shut off the ability to change. Madonna is a killer, she's the reason I wanted to be a dancer and express myself. I wanted to do what she does. There's something about how sure of herself she is that is so mesmerizing. I see Lady Gaga and I think schizo, I see Madonna and I know that she's doing her. To be an international phenom for over 30 years takes balls,brains and brawn. I strongly admire any woman who is not afraid.
9. What is love to you?
Love is every good feeling you've ever had but it has to be balanced with lows, otherwise it's got a one way ticket to destruction. Flowers can't grow without a little rain. I love damn hard, that's for sure. When I love someone it's utterly unconditional. That's what I believe true love is, unconditional. It's not a fairytale. When you grasp this, you'll know where you want to be. You've got to love someone inside and out, good and bad. Love is having patience, support, tenacity and perserverance. Get those things and you've got a match made in heaven. Oh and fizzles without passion. It can last for awhile but lack of physical passion and affection can help dig your love a grave.
10. Describe yourself in 5 words?
Loyal. Loving. Strong. Sharp. Altruistic.
11. Staple in your closet you can't live without?
I'd hate to say this combat boots. They go everywhere, I literally cannot keep them off my feet. I adore pairing them with leggings, a jean vest or a leather jacket. You're almost always guaranteed to see me in that. That or my new Reloaded jacket by The Hundreds.
12. Favorite place? Place you'd love to visit?
Disneyland is my Neverland. Anything is possible there. It's the closest thing to heaven on earth. There's a purity there that I have yet to experience elsewhere. You go to Disneyland and the years come off you, you're a kid again. Ryan Gosling said he loved Disneyland because the thought that it all started with a simple dream is pure magic. He said it in a nutshell.
I would love to visit Egypt. Egyptians have such a rich and enigmatic history. Visiting Egypt would bring a whole new level of inspiration to me. It's one of my absolute dreams to go there!
13. If you had a soundtrack to your life what would be on it?
Lot's of Brand New, The Goo Goo Dolls, Beyonce,Beastie Boys, Mya, Aaliyah, Kanye, Jay-Z, Drake,     P!nk, Adele, Lana Del Rey, Sinatra, Interpol, Skrillex, MGK, No Doubt, The Used,Weezer, Incubus, Blink & Green Day. Oh and alot of classic rock. I can't seem to get off that hype right now. There's alot of Blue Oyster cult, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Kiss and Led Zeppelin on my ipod.
14. A fictional character you see yourself in?
There's two:

Wednesday Addams (Christina Ricci, The Addams Family)

Sue Ellen (Christina Applegate, Don't tell mom the babysitter's dead)
15. What do you love about comic books?
The imagination. Comic books will probably be the only things that never fully transfer to online. The comic world is an experience. Nerds like going to their local comic book shop and touching the pages, browsing, and talking about comics for 45 minutes to an hour. That's what I love about them. They give its audience the complete ability to believe and escape. You can be a big kid all your life if you read them. I'm down with that!
16. If you were a mutant what would your powers be?
I'm too greedy to answer this. I'd want to be Wolverine's daughter. That'd make me a guaranteed beast! Adamantium claws, a healing factor, flight and the power to charge objects. Haha, I'd be Wolverine,Storm and Gambit all in one!
17. Favorite quote
"The secret to life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times." - Paulo Coelho
I've got a wall of nothing but quotes from Paulo. His insight is spot on life experiences.
19. What puts you in a good mood on a bad day?
Anything Seth Rogen is in makes my cares fall away.Or any Judd Apatow film. They're comedic geniuses. They take rough subject matter and find the hilarity in it. They make you realize that your stress is something to laugh at. Pair that with italian food, company and the tail wagging of my dog and I'm set.
20. The perfect man is...
Not perfect, and knows it! By knowing it he allows himself room for improvement, as well as yours. I think that's the most important component in a partner. They have to be flexible and eager to grow. A stagnant partner makes moving forward impossible. Trust is very important as well. I don't like lovers who think they've got you fooled. Almost every time I was lied to, I knew. I crave for affection, a teacher, patience, support,humor, intelligence, consideration and passion. I couldn't be with someone who isn't passionate about anything...that speaks volumes about a person.
21. Latest fashion obsession?
I don't like to do anything anyone else is doing. I don't want to look like anyone else. As I said earlier I've been mixing the 60s and 90s. Besides that, I've been wearing things with an androgynous twist. I always felt sexiest in my boyfriend's clothes. I'll usually pick one masculine staple and make the rest of the outfit feminine. Gives it a fresh and edgy look while being soft.
22. Eye candy obsession?
Shia Labeouf, Bryan Greenberg and Ryan Gosling
23.Favorite actor, actress?

This is how I spend my time.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the future. If you put him in a time machine to the 50s he'd be able to hold his own among the greats. Watching him at times makes me feel like crap. Don't ever be extremely multi-talented andddd a good person! I love Deniro, Ray Liotta and Robert Downey Jr. Oh and Tom Hardy and Shia.
As for actresses, I adore Marion Cotillard and Zoe Saldana. I trust all their film choices.
24. What's in your make-up bag?
Ruby Woo lipstick by MAC
Taupe lipstick by MAC
MAC's tinted moisturizer
Pinch me blush by MAC
Revlon liquid eyeliner
Great Lash Mascara
Spiked eyebrow pencil by MAC
Burt's Bees makeup skin cleansing wipes
25. A song that changed your life?
Madonna's "Dress you up in my love", that was the first pop record I had ever heard.
That was the start of a beautiful fuckin' romance. Music ruled my world ever since. I performed everywhere people would let me from then on.

In the future I aspire...
to be settled; to have what we all search for, my own love and my own family. I still plan on being a working woman. Hopefully I'll have my clothing line developed, a novel or two finished, maybe both! I definitely want to expand on my writing. I've gone through alot recently and it has allowed me to put those emotions into words. Sounds like I'm gonna be Superwoman huh?  It's going to kick ass when I get there!

Hope that answered all your questions for now guys & dolls!
Till next time ;)


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